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click to enlarge FREE, KIND OF: Tampa’s ‘free speech zones’ are labeled “Viewing” on this city map and outlined in green. The parade route is designated in purple. - City of Tampa
City of Tampa
FREE, KIND OF: Tampa’s ‘free speech zones’ are labeled “Viewing” on this city map and outlined in green. The parade route is designated in purple.

With you-know-what on the horizon, we devote this week’s Feedback to reader comments on the RNC and related subjects (plus a few tidbits for foodies).

Mitch Perry’s Daily Loaf post about a handy new smartphone app (“Paranoid about security cameras in downtown Tampa for the RNC? Get this app,” Aug. 15) provoked this comment from the aptly named Pinstripe: “You don’t need to read this. Cameras are everywhere they need to be to protect our banking and corporate law businesses. We have families with children to protect and these are how we make our money. I have some boxes of files I needs help moving to my car on Monday, there’s a tenner in it for you, just look for me, I’ll be the guy in a suit.”

On a related civil-liberties note, Don IamDude Hoffman had this cogent observation regarding Tampa’s so-called “Free Speech Zones” (Daily Loaf, June 26): “So my first amendment rights will only be valid in those zones at those times, and not at the convention? and there we are going to nominate a man who will take a vow to uphold the constitution of the United States, how ironic.” (See the map below.)

And Feedback wouldn’t feel complete without a rant from pltctytc. Regarding a post on the ever-popular subject of Romney’s taxes (“Fox News’ Chris Wallace hammers Romney surrogate on when the candidate will release his 2011 tax return,” Aug 19), pltctytc said,

“i hope they’re released soon so y’all will shut the hell up

“so he’s rich....jealous?

“he pay’s taxes....jealous? yea he uses the tax code as designed so what’s the problem? he didn’t write it..the congress you voted for did.”

A Tampa visit from a less well-known presidential candidate (“Green Party VP candidate Cheri Honkala speaks in Tampa’s ‘Romneyville,” Aug. 10) drew this comment from j. helgager: “So refreshing to know people like Honkala and the others who stand up for what they believe. How many of us who claim to be concerned about poverty, human rights, health care reform, etc. go out and take the heat on the streets. Would be amazing to have leaders like this in DC.”

But all this RNC prep may wind up blowin’ in the wind if Isaac has his way (“Tampa weather forecast for RNC calls for ‘periods of heavy rain, severe thunderstorms, gusty winds & flooding,’ Aug 21). Unless, that is, there’s a more sinister solution, like that suggested by jj: “no worries the NWO will send in the planes to break the weather.”

Finally, as promised, some food news.

Arielle Stevenson’s praise of Graham’s Market in St. Petersburg (“Fresher market: Graham’s is the place to go for budget-priced fruits, veggies and more,” Aug. 17) drew enthusiastic agreement plus a question: Do they accept credit cards? Graham’s emphatic answer: “We accept cash, all major credit/debit cards & EBT!”

As denizens of Ybor City, we indulge frequently in the perfect slices at New York New York Pizza Bar & Grill at 1512 E. Seventh Ave. So it warmed our cockles to read this reader's review: “5 stars! gave me the first real NY pizza since i moved here!” wrote Fatonn in our restaurant listings.

Conventioneers and partygoers from RNC, take note.

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