FEMA director Michael Brown: "Obama wanted the oil spill to happen"

With the BP Horizon "spill", not only are environmentalists/liberals concerned about the wildlife, sea life and beaches, they foresee the inevitable. The crash of the ecosystem and tourism directly affects each and every one of us at the source. Whether our hearts, minds, or food, we are affected.  People forgive, everyone knows mistakes happen, but it is how you recover that matters.

Take the national economy as an example, if an aid hadn’t misread a financial report, taxes would not have been cut, regulations would not have been eased, and we would not have been in debt.  But we all band together to repair the damages, even though the situation sucks on all levels (and that one is still ongoing).

Which brings to mind the other Rush Limbaugh comment: "What better way to head off more oil drilling and nuclear plants than by blowing up a rig?," he rhetorically asked. "I'm just noting the timing here." Really? No one in their right mind would ever sabotage a rig if they were concerned about the environment, especially when the media is only reporting 210,000 gallons a day when Skytruth is estimating leakage of 1.1 million gallons per day.

Environmentalists are not your "tree hugging hippies" of the past and nor are they terrorists to the environment, they are the knowledgeable protectors of our future and our childrens planet. They know the implications of a rig failing and the lasting effects. Why would any one of them spark such a disaster? And with the project managing of the Horizon, we now have eyes to see offshore drilling is not the answer (www.nottheanswer.org). Specifically, have you noticed the attempts have not been to stop the oil from spewing, but to "stop" it as a means to tap into later on?

Today, take a stance, volunteer your efforts, make a donation, speak your voice, and help fix the mistakes of your employees. Yes, you pay taxes thus elected officials are your employees.

In repeating, why would a President or environmentalist want to crash Florida's economy, or any other state's, during a recession or cause major damage to the planet? The oil spill will have national implications for years to come -- even though we hold out with great hope that it will not.

Please tell your elected officials what you want to do now before the Horizon, or a future event like it, takes a hold of you.

Politics come into play for any national catastrophe — sad but true.  The current conjecture is President Obama wanted the Oil Spill to Happen.  From an excerpt of The Progress Report (www.americanprogressaction.org), "Yesterday, former Bush-appointed FEMA director Michael Brown — infamous for severely mismanaging the federal response to Hurricane Katrina — accused the Obama administration of playing politics with the oil spill."

I ask: Why would the President would want a top 5 economically contributing state, during a "recession", crash during their administration? Florida’s tax base depends on tourism and fisheries, and of course, construction.  Since the latter is basically obsolete, the main two economic drivers would crash the entire state. The accusation obviously does not hold water.

But with the push for a Clean Energy Bill — and I mean clean, one without new plans for oil drilling — the political fires are fueled. Rush Limbaugh has commented "…literally millions of birds that will get chopped up in windmills that liberals are going to build for power because they don't like electricity." So do you really think environmentalists would push for clean energy at the sake of sacrificing birds? (Do I even need to ask if that's an asinine comment by Limbaugh?)

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