Female sex addict holds another man hostage for 36 hours of sex

The German woman was returning from a sex addiction clinic when she met her victim on the bus and invited him home. She forced him to have sex with her for a day and a half before she fell asleep. The man escaped by breaking down the door of her apartment.

This is the second time the unidentified woman, believed to be 47, has held a man hostage for her sexual pleasure.

Last month the woman met Dieter S., 43, at a bar before inviting him back to her house. There she locked him inside and forced him to have sex with her eight times. Dieter escaped by fleeing to the balcony to call the police on her phone, saying, "She is trying to kill me with sex. I cannot go out, and I cannot go on."

When officers arrived on the scene, she allegedly invited two of them to have a quickie. They denied the request.

The woman has been taken to a hospital for psychiatric observation. It is unclear if any charges have been filed against her.

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When police found a 31-year-old, African man crying on the streets of Munich, the man explained how he had just been forced to have sex for more than 36 hours.

“I met her on a bus," he told officers. "She invited me back here. It was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me.”

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