Fighting through illness

Dan responds to readers from his drug-induced coma.

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Joe Newton
Fighting through illness

DEAR READERS: I’m writing this week’s column in a drug-induced coma. Well, not quite a coma, but close. I was fighting a cold for two weeks, and the cold won: It morphed into an insanely painful sinus infection — you know it’s bad when your doctor urges you to err on the side of too much Vicodin, not too little. So a warning to everyone whose letter appears in this week’s column: My reliably sucky advice is probably going to be suckier than usual.

This probably falls into the category of a so-what’s-the-problem problem: I’m a bearish 44-year-old who can’t get a hot Latin 18-year-old guy to stop sucking my dick. Craigslist was involved initially. But now he comes by for weekly sessions of mutual head and leaves immediately afterward. He’s a sweet kid but deeply closeted; given what little I know of his Dominican family and group of friends, he’s years away from coming out. I’m under no illusion that I’m what he’s looking for, but I am an available sexual outlet. The trouble for me is he won’t kiss and won’t do anything social with me, and the novelty of getting naked with an 18-year-old has worn off. I could stop seeing him, I guess, but saying, “You give great head, but you bore me” is rude. I’m mindful of your rule about treating younger partners like campsites: Leave them in better shape than you found them. I’m doing that, by treating him respectfully and showing him that it’s possible to be openly gay and have support from family and friends, but I don’t know where to go next.

Not Wild About The Boy

Don’t sell yourself short, NWATB: It’s possible that this 18-year-old is into you. He could be one of those younger guys who prefer older men, and bearish older guys could be his type. But the eat-and-run routine makes it somewhat likelier that you’re not, in fact, what he’s looking for, but all he feels he can safely get. You’re far enough away geographically, and far enough removed socially, that there’s no risk of exposure. He’s not going to run into you on the street when he’s walking around with his friends, and the odds that you know someone in common are nonexistent.

Anyway, here’s what you do: Tell him that he’s hot, tell him that he’s a good little cocksucker, but that’s not enough for you to sustain your interest. You’re not asking to meet his friends or family — you’re not asking him to risk exposure — but if he wants to keep blowing you, well, there’s going to be some getting to know you. He’ll have to risk a conversation now and then, maybe even watching a movie together sometime at your apartment. Tell him you can’t be friends-with-benefits with someone who isn’t a friend.

I’m a man who just got out of a two-year relationship with a great girl. She was always a little controlling, and I felt like I had to tiptoe around her all the time, so I’m glad to be out of the relationship. But I was still providing her with a lot of emotional support. This was fine until she started bothering me for advice on what to do about her rebound relationship. This seemed beyond the call of duty, and I suggested to her that we needed to reevaluate our boundaries. She flipped out and has threatened to force all our mutual friends to pick her over me. I’m also worried that she will tell everyone we know about my pegging kink. I’m comfortable with that aspect of myself, but other people don’t need to know. Do I stick up for kinks or deny it and blame a vengeful ex?

Kink-outing Is Not Kind

Denying it won’t work if your vengeful ex has photos or video that she’s willing to deploy. So if there’s documentary evidence, KINK, prepare yourself to own your kink and laugh it off. Assholes and vengeful exes can only use the details of your turn-ons against you if you’re ashamed of them. If you don’t care who knows, KINK, or you can fake it, the people who know won’t care that they know, you know? Shrug off the reveal, laugh along with any good-natured ribbing, and look on the bright side: You could have mutual female friends who are interested in pegging and, after they hear the news, interested in you.


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