Filmmaker/composer/artist David Lynch teams up with Danger Mouse (with videos)

Here's a rather short video preview of the album, done in classic freak-Lynch fashion.

And if you weren't already aware of Julee Cruise or Floating into the Night, here's some more video for ya. Something pretty cool I found, a mash-up of the Beatles' "In My Life" and one of Cruise's songs for the show, "The Nightingale," set to clips of the show and dubbed "In My Twin Life."

Hollywood director and I was compelled to continue after the first episode.

It was television like none I'd never seen before, one that both intrigued yet completely and utterly disturbed me with its dark, bizarre aesthetic, tortured characters, and intriguing storyline, about an FBI agent who's sent to a small town, Twin Peaks, to investigate the murder of the town's young, seemingly innocent, homecoming queen, Laura Palmer. The soundtrack was full of slinky and somehow sneaky jazz, and melancholy compositions with ethereal vocals, motifs borrowed from Julee Cruise's 1989 album, Floating into the Night, which was written in large part by Angelo Badalamenti and Lynch. Quite interesting and haunting music, and some that I'll not soon forget.

This time, the enigmatic Lynch (who, in addition to being a filmmaker and composer, is a visual artist as well) has used his deranged imagination to create 50 or so original photographs for the upcoming Danger Mouse-Sparklehorse album, Dark Night of the Soul. The director's photographs will also be published in a book to be released along with the album. (Videos after the jump.)

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