First Lady of Puerto Rico Luce Fortuno rallies support for Mitt Romney in Tampa

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The event was held inside the café, where a group of about 25 supporters were on hand to hear the First Lady and other political leaders in the Puerto Rican community The speeches were in Spanish and primarily consisted of the importance of voting Republican to the Puerto Rican community and presenting Romney as a much more viable alternative to the current administration.

Fortuno’s speech was rather broad, mainly praising the crowd there for their conservative stances while encouraging voters to support Romney.

“As a woman and as a Boricua, I take pride in knowing that you are all out here representing the best interest of the Puerto Ricans and the whole Hispanic community.”

Luce also compared Mitt to her husband.

“They are a great couple who share the same agenda as the Hispanics and we have the same interest in mind to help the families….my husband helped put money back in the hands of people in Puerto Rico, and I know Romney thinks in the same way.”

Those present were very supportive of both Mitt Romney and the Fortunos. Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder, the founder/CEO of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Florida, was on hand in support of the Romney campaign. Neunder works to get the vote for Romney in Florida as well as in Puerto Rico, and feels that the Romney campaign matches up with the culture of “Spanish speaking Amercians”.

“Puerto Ricans need to get out and vote and stop the nonsense…they (Puerto Ricans) think about the President (that he's) for the poor, no. He has put more poor people (on welfare) than any other president in the past. That’s why they call him the “president of the welfare.”

Neunder also feels that the President’s actions on social issues and national defense don’t line up with Puerto Rican values.

“How can we have a president that’s been labeled the gay president, the welfare president, the president that (supports the abortion of) unborn children even if they are seven months old..putting our men and women in danger in foreign lands. How can we think about not protecting the sovereignty of our land when we Puerto Ricans have given more men and women to the armed forces of the United States than any state in the union? We need to be passionate Puerto Ricans about protecting the sovereignty of this nation.”

Puerto Rican First Lady Luce Fortuno stopped into the La Teresita Café Friday morning in order to drum up support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The crowd gathered was primarily made up of Puerto Rican supporters of the Massachusetts Governor, waving signs in Spanish in support of the candidate as well as calling for the defeat of President Obama.

Luce’s visit ties into the seemingly increased focus on the Hispanic demographic, specifically those of Puerto Rican descent, by the Romney campaign. The campaign has recently released an ad featuring Luce’s husband Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuno in an attempt to court the Hispanic vote, praising Romney’s experience as a fiscal conservative. Luce also delivered the introduction for Ann Romney's speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

This focus on the Hispanic vote comes at a time when the Romney/Ryan ticket is seeing a decrease in that demographic. In an ongoing poll by the research group Latino Decision, Governor Romney has seen a drop off in voters “most likely” to vote for the Republican candidate

  • First Lady of Puerto Rico addresses Romney supporters in La Teresita Cafe

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