'Fitness Ace Power': the latest unintentional sexercise machine (video)

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  • The Ace Power Fitness

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Japanese are wacky, especially when it comes to inventing gadgets. Exhibit A: the vibrating phone holder for stimulating pillow talk. Exhibit B: a vibrating robot butt. Exhibit C: a kiss transmission device.

Now, in Japan's constant bid to demonstrate their technologic superiority, the Fitness Ace Power has ousted the Shake Weight, and its revolutionary hand-job workout routine, as the most bizarre and sexually charged piece of exercise equipment. This thinly veiled sex machine allows you to practice the pile-driver position as well as some good ol' fashion dry-humping. The product also comes with an infomercial that thoroughly demonstrates how the Ace Power Fitness may induce total body coregasms in female users, and how the machine will shrink any and all signs of a pesky man-bulge male users may have in their spandex shorts—or at least that's what I took from watching the commercial.

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