Florida GOP establishment call's Crist's call for special session on offshore drilling -unneccessary and irrelevant

Christ's Democratic challenger, Kendrick Meek, approves of the move, but not with Crist's lack of urgency:

"What took the Governor so long? On the 80th day of the Gulf oil spill, Governor Crist finally got around to calling a special session to block drilling off Florida beaches. It shouldn't have come to this. Where was he before the spill? I've fought my entire life against Big Oil and against drilling off our beaches -- even when it was unpopular to do so. We need leaders who aren't afraid to tackle tough issues, not politicians who wait to act until it's politically expedient."

St.Pete Democrat Rick Kriseman, one of the first people in the Legislature to call for a special session, praised the Governor:

“I believe that placing amendments into our constitution ought to be a rare and special occurrence. This is such a time,” said Representative Kriseman. “For the sake of our beautiful state, its economy, environment, and our way of life, I am very pleased that Governor Crist has heeded our call for a special session and I look forward to empowering Floridians come November and protecting Florida forever.”

House Minority Leader Franklin Sands waxed enthusiastically,

“Since 2005, Florida House Democrats have proposed bans on drilling near Florida’s waters because the hazards to our way of life, our economy and environment are too great and the benefits of drilling in these precious areas are too few. On behalf of the entire Florida House Democratic Caucus, I extend my warm appreciation to the governor for his actions today, and I urge all Floridians to join us in supporting a robust near-shore drilling ban.”

The reviews are coming in from some of the Florida Republican party establishment on Governor Charlie Crist's call for a special session to discuss placing a constitutional amendment banning off shore drilling, and they're all negative.

Marco Rubio says this isn't leadership:

“The Obama/Crist response to the oil spill has been a total failure and Florida families and businesses are suffering because of it. This special session is nothing more than a political sideshow that will do nothing to help Panhandle businesses, keep oil off our beaches, or prevent future spills. In fact, Charlie Crist seeks to ban something that is already illegal under state law.  We don’t need more photo ops and finger pointing. We need leadership.

“Every available clean-up skimmer in the world should be along our Gulf coast right now. After two months, there is no reason we don’t have containment boom and barriers protecting every vulnerable beach. We need strong leadership that will challenge government to do more before it’s too late.  Instead, Charlie Crist seems more focused on releasing birds than releasing skimmers."

Florida GOP gubernatorial aspirant and the state's top cop, Attorney General Bill McCollum, is the latest to weigh in.

"The most pressing issue currently facing Florida's leaders is the

catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its impacts on our

state’s struggling economy and sensitive environment. Unfortunately,

Governor Crist's call for a special session fails to address the real

actions we must take to help Floridians and Florida businesses in

critical, immediate need.

"While I remain opposed to near shore drilling, it is unnecessary to amend

our Constitution given the current ban in place on drilling off Florida’s


Albert Martinez, Republican consultant:

Poll comes out this AM showing Crist’s approval rating dropping 7 pts in past month, and Crist suddenly calls special session. Coincidence?

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