Florida reacts to Trump's latest thing — well, some of it, anyway

click to enlarge That precious, precious mouth. - Joeff Davis
Joeff Davis
That precious, precious mouth.

So, maybe the Bible doesn't make much mention of how it is not OK to grab someone by the p****. Hell, back then, men were probably encouraged to do so, after which the victim would be publicly stoned for adultery. Or something.

Still, Donald Trump's having advocated that as a method of seduction at which he succeeds due to his fame doesn't seem like something Florida's political luminaries — many of them quasi-theocrats, let's be honest — would want to let go.

Many on either side of the aisle have condemned comments Trump made in 2005, which were picked up on a hot mic and recently leaked to The Washington Post.

In Florida — the country's largest swing state, and one many believe is crucial to a win — some politicians are condemning his comments (though, admittedly, few if any are coming out in support of Clinton) while others are... not saying anything.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who lost to Trump in the GOP presidential primary and is now seeking reelection to his Florida seat, called the comments "vulgar, egregious & impossible to justify."

Jeb Bush tweeted "As the grandfather of two precious girls, I find that no apology can excuse away Donald Trump's reprehensible comments degrading women."

A close ally of Bush's, Ana Navarro, condemned Trump's comments in a special way on live TV. As part of a CNN panel, she recited the more controversial of Trump's comments (the p****-grabbing one), and the Trump surrogates on the screen appeared shocked at her use of the word. One told her not to use it. Kinda hypocritical, or nah?

State Rep. Dana Young, after her Democratic opponent for the State Senate, Bob Buesing, tried to call her out for being mum on the issue late Friday, tweeted the following Saturday morning: "As a woman and the mother of two teenage daughters, I find Mr. Trump's comments disgusting, as does every other woman in this Country."

State Rep. Chris Latvala, a Largo Republican who has long been critical of Trump, criticized the content of The Donald's apology, the fact that Trump only copped to what he said, not the awful things he was claiming to have done to women while married to his current wife Melania while she was pregnant. Talking about bagging women with little to no consent just 'cuz you're famous: not presidential either, dude (my words, not his).

Even (gasp!) Governor Rick Scott has sorta chimed in.

"I'm not following politics closely right now, but this is terrible. I don't agree with anyone talking like this about anyone, ever," Scott said, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

As for one of Florida's top Trump cheerleaders, Attorney General Pam Bondi?


She hasn't touched her Twitter account since Sept. 11, and she doesn't appear to have made any comments to the media condemning the GOP presidential nominee's nasty words.

Bondi aside, it's obvious that Florida's mainstream GOP is dying to go back to a time when a giant id wasn't the standard-bearer of conservatism.

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