After watching brutal new riot videos, Florida Sen. Rick Scott says Trump impeachment trial is a 'waste of time'

On Jan. 6, the Senator didn’t fear for his life.

After watching brutal new riot videos, Florida Sen. Rick Scott says Trump impeachment trial is a 'waste of time'

Florida’s junior Senator says that while the videos of the Capitol riots on Jan. 6 were “horrible” and that President Donald Trump should have “said something sooner,” he’s still a no-go on an impeachment trial he sees as an unconstitutional charade.

Sen. Rick Scott, on Thursday’s episode of the Hugh Hewitt radio program, acknowledged the weight of the documentary evidence that critics contend he has ignored during the trial.

“The videos were horrible,” Scott said, “And the people who did this need to be prosecuted.”

But the need for justice, Scott contended, does not obscure his central objection to a process he calls a “horrible precedent,” “pure political theater” and a “backward looking waste of time.”

“Democrats are just obsessed with Trump,” Scott said. “Trump is not in office.”

The Senator then posed a provocative question: “Why are the Democrats focused on the past rather than the future?”

Scott believes the Republican caucus will hold to its seeming commitment to not convict the President.

“Nobody’s told me that they’ve changed their mind,” Scott said, and that quote is worth filing away.

To convict Trump, 17 Republicans will have to vote to do so. Scott doesn’t think the numbers are even close.

But the Senator, despite not being willing to move on this vote, projected emotion when talking about the events of the day.

“It’s just disgusting that people would come into the Capitol. Some of the things these people said, it’s just absolutely disgusting. I’m disappointed that President Trump didn’t say something quicker to make sure that people left the Capitol. With that, I’m very disappointed that he didn’t do that,” Scott said, before contending again that the trial is a “charade” born of Democratic “obsession” with Trump.

The Senator downplayed the existential threat that some lawmakers have asserted.

“I was there, and we evacuated. I was never fearful for my life,” Scott said. “Maybe some people were, I don’t know.”

The President went on to again assert that the President, who was then the Commander in Chief of the country, “should have said something faster” as his supporters raided the Capitol, destroying property and taking multiple lives.

He also issued something of a warning shot for Democrats in 2022, or whenever the House might flip Republican again, asking a seemingly rhetorical question: “You think there’s not going to be pressure for Republicans to do this when we take over the House in two years?”

This article first appeared at Florida Politics

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