Four dream interpretations of a fireball. Which one fits?

This is an interesting dream. It can go at least four different ways. You can choose which one feels like a fit.

In the first interpretation, you lead a kicked-back lifestyle where you love to ponder the universe in a dream-like state. It’s very visual. I can see you perfectly, floating on your back, not a care in the world. Then suddenly BAM! reality hits and your reality has A LOT of responsibility (big fireball). Uh oh, better duck for cover (angry boss, wife?) The danger passes and you’re back floating through another cosmic dream.

In the second interpretation you suffer from either major depression or bi-polar disorder. Your express anxiety and a loss of control (…uhh, shit and dammit). The black sea, the blazing fireball. It all could fit. Or maybe you suffer from migraines or asthma attacks. You tell me.

In the third interpretation you are in a creative field where you spend a great deal of head-time letting your creative juices stew. Then WHAM! an inspiration comes and calls you to action. BUT, you don’t want to work that hard. After all, it takes a lot of work to manifest a creative inspiration.

Last, but definitely not least, is St. Elmo’s Fire, a flame-like, fiery appearance, usually at sea (note) that appears during stormy nights to strike fear in the hearts of all who witness it. Legend has it that it is the soul of someone who has committed suicide (note: major depression) or has been murdered. It is also rumored that when it appears, it leads people astray. Does this one work?

Our psyches are so complex all four and possibly more could be flirting with the truth. Let me know which fits.

One final note: If it is the third interpretation, you could really leave a creative stamp on the world if you didn’t slack off and duck the fireball. It’s just a hot idea, after all.

Dream Momma

I was floating in a black sea. The whole earth was water. I thought…uhh, shit. The sky was beautiful, dark, space as far as the spirit can conceive…stars, galaxies, gas clouds all perfectly visible. Then a HUGE fireball (what, a sun?) approaches, nay, careens through space at my head. I dive into the water, wondering how deep I can go, how long i can hold my breath in this wonderfully dark, safe abyss of wet. And I have trouble going down. I float. Dammit! Why am I floating? I need to swim down to safety! Well then I think, Oh, I should breathe ... need air ... and then notice I can breathe just fine in the water. The fireball hits ... and all goes dark. I am still breathing, chillin' under water. I guess the fireball put itself out in the water. The stars shine again ...

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