Frank Reddick doesn't appreciate Buckhorn comment on budget

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When asked about that later on Thursday, Buckhorn told the St. Pete Times that "I only need four votes," indicating that he wasn't about to do anything to placate Reddick's concerns - or threats.

When contacted on Friday, Reddick called Buckhorn's response, "unprofessional," and "not diplomatic at all." And he said that two can play that game.

"I can respond by saying I just need three votes and that budget won't pass."

Councilwoman Mary Mulhern indicated to the Times that her vote for the budget wasn't guaranteed (She did respond to CL's request for comment on Friday).

Reddick also told CL that Buckhorn's quote about only needing four votes also rubbed some of his constituents the wrong way, saying he had received 20 phone calls on Friday telling him just that.

Buckhorn was unavailable for comment over the weekend.

Tampa City Councilman Frank Reddick represents District 5, the most concentrated area of blacks in the city. He's been feeling increased pressure from some of his constituents as their frustrations with the closure of Williams Park Pool has continued for three years now.

When city funding was found in the city's budget to repair and restore another pool that had been closed in South Tampa, city council members have grown more agitated in two meetings about getting a clear message from city officials about when and where the funding will come from to get that pool back working again for East Tampa residents.

Last Thursday, just a short time after receiving Mayor Bob Buckhorn's budget for the fiscal 2012 year that doesn't include a specific funding mechanism to pay for repairing the pool (which city officials say is linked with fixing surrounding Williams Park, around $1.5 to $2 million), Reddick said he would not vote for the Buckhorn budget unless the city would come up with direct funding.

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