“I’d say fan-fucking-tastic!” added Kenzie, the band’s fiery bassist who has a flair for adjectives.  

Conversation ceased when Red Room Cinema took the stage, providing something like a colonic for the ears. “I forgot to mention, we’re loud,” the band’s front man said after blasting through an explosive, shoe-gazing opening number.  

DJ Drop the Needle kept the attendants nodding to the beat between sets, though he repeatedly refused my requests to play some Kelly Clarkson. Auto!Automatic!! was next, led by guitarist Brian Larsen, who turned his fretboard into a keyboard.    

Under the guise of getting an interview, I shared a drink with Melissa, History’s stylish keyboardist. I advised her to call me when her band was ready to take the next step toward stardom — I have some visionary ideas involving body-paint and interpretive, ribbon dancing. I also let her know that if History was looking to replace Matt, I had some singing experience in a hardcore boy-band, and I was more than willing to dress up like Cher if it came down to it.   

The band decided to stick with Matt, at least for the night. More than a few fans in the front row proudly sported History shirts and sung along as though it was a reunion show instead of a release party. The drummer laid out rabid beats on what looked like two drum kits packed into one. Kenzie stomped around in high boots, slapping her bass and making more than a few onlookers wish they had rock-star girlfriends. Much to my chagrin, the band did not sound like Cher. Not everyone is perfect I suppose. But they did look like they were having a hell of a good time, both on and off the stage, as did everyone listening. I’m no music critic, but in my opinion it doesn’t get more fan-fucking-tastic than that.  

- Alfie

[email protected]

“Creative Loafing had great things to say about everyone in our band,” History’s singer Matt, said, “everyone except me. Apparently I sound like


I personally would be excited about being compared with such a legend. The most flattering thing my singing has been compared to was American Idol sensation William Hung. Matt couldn’t be too upset; New World Brewery was packed Saturday for the release of History’s album, Ghosts in the City. As a consolation I offered him a chance to describe History’s sound in my column. (Let’s be honest, my weekly rants hold much more sway than anything CL’s rapscallion music reviewer Wade Tatangelo, writes.)           

“I’d say we sound rad,” Matt said.

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