Fun, earth friendly baby shower games for the eco-conscious mom

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1. Baby Taste

Purchase a pack of baby spoons and several containers of organic baby food. The game consists of everyone using a spoon to taste and guess the contents. The fun begins when you pass around the containers -- labels removed-- while the guests identify the food. Have a few cups of hot water available for guests to dip their spoons after each course. (When finished, consider pouring the water in your plant beds as opposed to down the drain.) All answers can be written into the pamphlet and, at the end of the game, the spoons join your stockpile of items for the precious new arrival. The bonus is the baby food introduces yourself, and others, to the organic options available while learning what your baby will taste.

[image-1]2. Green Questionnaire

An internet search will provide many preset options with answers to questions on how to quiz your guests on sustainability. Or feel free to create a questionnaire from your own bank of knowledge. (No harm in showing off how green minded you truly are – as you are the center of attention!) Not only will the planet benefit, but most people realize they have more ground to cover. The fun begins through testing your own knowledge and learning how green some of your friends have become. You will be creating a community where everyone is comfortable to share.

3. Seeds

If you have a plant lover in your network, they are always collecting seeds. (If you don't, just ask a native plant nursery for what they can spare.) If they are anything like my mom - plenty is to be had. Place the seeds into a sachet or clear, reused, container, and ask your guests to identify them. You might want to consider providing a list of choices in your pamphlet and attaching sprouting/growing directions. Not only will the directions aid in the guessing, but the seeds can also be used as parting gifts!

4. Can You Guess

The green spin-off of to the carnival classic. Save a pickle or other sizable jar and fill it with your favorite candy. Then have your guests guess how many pieces the jar contains (do not forget to have counted before the shower begins!). Why not pick a variety of organic chocolate or other organic candy as opposed to the traditional. In particular, the game introduces new ways to thinking about sweets, and the game itself is the winner’s gift!

A shower can be an expression of your lifestyle. And to the Earth friendly mom: have fun and be creative. Your friends will relish in the novelty and you will help to start a new trend.

While having a baby shower brings about excitement, how you have fun is your choice. Being creative on the games is one way to show your friends how serious you are about helping the environment.

I recommend limiting the party to 2-4 games, depending the number of people attending. When you have identified the games you would like to play, utilize the computer to create a tri-fold pamphlet for your attendees to write down answers. Use environmentally conscious printing paper and print a two sided 8.5 X 11 sheet, fold it into three parts, and design the cover commemorating the event. For writing purposes, pens can be borrowed from your desk drawer or used as the “Thank you for coming” gift. (For example, my husband makes pens from recycled or reclaimed wood.)

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