Funny Never Sleeps

Comedian Dave Attell riffs on his influences, playing clubs, and the future of Insomniac.

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[The Fox pilot] isn't my sitcom, it's not like I'm the dad. I've got a small part, and they let me come up with my own stuff, which is cool.

It's not a dream of mine, but it's interesting to do something so different from Insomniac - it's inside, and when I'm in the middle of a line some drunk doesn't come up and want to talk to me about my shirt. It's interesting to try new things, but I'm not an actor. If it goes, I guess I'll have to do some of that. But I'll always be doing club work, I know that.

Are clichés true? Are you crying on the inside, miserable all the time, in desperate need of a hug?

I cry on the outside. Actually, I don't cry at all. But I do sweat urine, like a shark. A lot of that [image] has to do with you being alone in a hotel room somewhere. There's two books in that room, the Bible and the Yellow Pages, and every night you have to make the choice about who you're going to invite into that room, the Lord or the whore.

It is a rough lifestyle, in terms of constantly moving. Not exciting, erotic travel, but renting a car, driving six hours, getting on a small prop plane, going to a college even farther away, and then trying to get back to do it all again. That' s really what being a comic is - it's doing laundry in different places.

Dave Attell performs at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center's Ferguson Hall on Sunday, April 24 at 8 p.m. Sean Rouse opens. Tickets are $30.50 in advance, and $35.50 on the day of show.

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