Get organized: What's in your bag, carry-all or "man purse"? (video)

Here are a few tips to keep your bag of choice organized:

  • Dump and then sort the items in your bag. Keep permanent items in a designated place in your bag so they are easy to find (these are items you need every day). Remove transient items you no longer need to carry (these are items you need just today or tomorrow).

  • Purge the items in your bag. Pare down to just the essentials. Carry only what you need to have with you on any given day. Eliminate duplicate items and extras. One of each item is usually sufficient.

  • Reduce the size of the items you carry in your bag. Buy travel-sized items and find small containers to keep things in (try a small pill case for a few aspirin versus carrying a full-size bottle).

  • Assign a section or pocket in your bag for everything. Always place your keys in the outside zippered pocket (for easy access) and your wallet in the inside zippered pocket (for security).

  • Choose the right bag for your “stuff”. Once you determine what you need to keep in your bag, select the right “man purse”, carry-all or bag that is the right size and style to accommodate your “stuff” and help keep everything organized.

Having an organized “man purse”, carry-all or bag is another important way to help you stay on track and make it easier to get things done. Don’t leave home without it and make time after each busy day to de-clutter it.

Make it greener: Purchase bags made from recycled and environment-friendly materials or convert your favorite reusable bag into your every day bag. Many reusable bags fold up into a small square or ball that can be tucked easily into any every day bag and then used for shopping instead of plastic or paper. I consider this item an essential. Visit Big Green Purse for some great options.

So, it's "in the bag"... that is "just what you need is in the right bag"!


Click here to email and tell us what’s in your “man purse”, carry-all or bag and how you keep it organized! We want to know.

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Keeping your bag, carry-all or "man purse" is an important part of keeping yourself organized. It doesn’t matter what you carry or what you call it. All of us need something to carry important papers, supplies and personal items in when we’re “on the go”.

I spoke with someone recently who said since he started carrying a “man purse” he is more prepared when he is on field assignments because he has convenient access to the items and tools he needs to do his job more effectively. He can carry a pad of paper and pens in it, for example (a convenience a traditional wallet cannot accommodate).

Having what you need at your fingertips is critical when you are mobile. Whatever you carry, keep it clutter-free and organized. It’s a time-waster to have to search for items you need and it can be embarrassing when others (think clients, airport security, etc.) see your overstuffed and disorganized bag. Carrying too much can cause back and shoulder pain. It can also be a sign that you need to work on your time management. Throwing “tasks” into your bag “just in case” means you may not be scheduling time to get them done.

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