Get up to $5,000 from SWFWMD for water conservation projects

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Now for the fine print, and pay attention because here's the biggest hitch: You have to be able to afford the project, because you don't get the money up front, it's reimbursed at the conclusion of the project. Whoa, now I know that just knocked your best intentions out of the water. (Sorry, I shouldn't joke when I just crushed your dreams.)

Details straight from the source: SWFWMD Community Education Grant Program

The Community Education Grant Program provides opportunities for people to create community-based educational experiences that lead to the protection and conservation of Florida’s ecosystem. When people participate in water resources projects near their homes, they develop longer-lasting involvement in environmental protection.

What are the categories?

  • Flood protection

  • Natural systems

  • Water conservation

  • Water quality

  • Watersheds

Who can apply?

  • Individuals

  • Community groups

  • Volunteers

  • Service clubs

  • Non-government organizations

  • Government agencies

Grants are limited to one per organization, community group or individual and are not intended to fund long-term or ongoing projects.

Grant limit - $5,000 — Available upon project completion.

Deadline for submissions - Friday, August 20, 2010, 5 p.m.

Implementation period - March 1 – July 31, 2011

In my unofficial survey, conducted solely by personal observation, average adults in Tampa still don’t have a clue why they need to change their behavior and save water to protect Florida’s delicate ecosystem. Now ask their school age children, and a litany of reasons will be recited. Parents, proud of their little ones, beam with pride; their baby is paying attending in school! But like the advanced mathematics lessons our children are learning in the classroom, adults have little understanding of what or even why their kids are learning about water conservation.

More adults are familiar with the exploits of Jesse James than the reasons why saving water is relevant to their daily existence. If public service announcements and newspaper ads are going to grab the general public’s attention, they better get more creative. Perhaps Tiger Woods and Jesse can team up a new promo? Tweet me the sexiest ways to save water and win a shower for two, or three, or twelve with me!

Now, I’m not sure if that idea will be eligible for funding but here’s how you can get up to $5,000 from the South West Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) for educating your community of the protection and conservation of our most precious resource.

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