Gil Sanchez Facebook page gets comment that he calls threatening

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"Your not allowed to place signs within a legal distance of voting precinct. It's Illegal! We need to send the Illegal Mexicans, Haitians and all Illegal Immigrants Back home. As Americans we don't abandon our soil when the economy is bad or when we have natural disasters even when Government try's to dictate us like know. If Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans or any other race would like to come to America, Do it the way we require it to be done legally. Why should we support you when you want to promote the liberal agenda, Still from the rich and deliver to the poor. If you could promote people to work hard and stay motivated then people will get what they Earned not what they think they deserve. Not one body deserves anything or is owed to any one body we are Americans and we contribute by paying reasonable taxes. Don't expect to take more from me or any one else who has accomplished more because we have worked hard and earned our wealth. Support the Fair Tax, Less government control, Reduce government spending and don't go into office to push your own agenda work hard for Americans opinion and listen cause we will remove your ASS if you don't."

It is that last sentence that has worried Sanchez, who said early Monday morning that he is concerned for the safety of his wife and himself.  He says, "I don't like it.  We have free speech in this country, but when they push this envelope, we take it as a real threat."

CL contacted Cade via Facebook this morning.  He responded back to us, where he wrote that he could call "close connections at FOX and we can take it across the nation."  He admitted he wrote the post, but said "I wrote non derogatory comments on a Facebook page where I was added as a friend."

The rest of his response is listed below:

"If the Campaign staffers don't want me to post comments then they can remove me from the friends list. If Gil Sanchez has a problem with listening to concerned voices from Legal citizens that might oppose his agenda or his ideas than maybe he should reconsider the position he desires."

Tampa Police did confirm they spoke with Sanchez last night, though we are still awaiting more details from them. A call to the FBI has not been returned.

When asked if this would affect how he conducts himself with just a day before he faces Janet Cruz and Pat Kemp in the Democratic Primary for House District 58, Sanchez said he and his wife would be more aware of his surroundings.

The Colombian-American says this is not the first time he's encountered racist comments when running for an office.  He says that prior to his run for Student Body President at the University of Florida in 2001, graffitti was splashed alongside a building that hosted student organizations.  That comment said  "No Spic for President."

Meanwhile, the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office announced that through the first 4 days of early voting,  1323 people had gone to the polls.  Polls open tomorrow at 7 a.m.

In other news with this campaign, the Sierra Club announced over the weekend that they were endorsing Pat Kemp in the race.

In the Republican Primary, Hunter Chamberlin faces Jackie Rojas-Quinones.

House District 58 candidate Gil Sanchez says he has contacted the Tampa Police Department and the FBI about what his camp calls a racist comment sent to his Facebook page Sunday afternoon.

Sanchez says that the comment was posted on his Facebook page in response to a YouTube campaign video ad in which the  candidate is speaking Spanish (Sanchez, who is bilingual, also posted a similar YouTube ad that features him speaking in English).

The post in question written by a man who identifies himself as Studebaker Cade, reads as listed below:

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