Go green even in death with this biodegradable coffin made from recycled paper pulp

The difference between the PULP coffins and similar ones, like the EcoPod, is that these can be molded into a more traditional-looking coffin shape. They can also be customized with different colors and symbols to an individual's preference.

As "green" funerals are becoming more popular, alternative methods for burial and cremation are being sought out. The eco-coffin is just one of many different options people are turning to nowdays to go the more natural route even after they've passed on. Why not reduce your carbon footprint even in death?

Information via DanCof and Inhabitat. Photo via Inhabitat.

Move over EcoPod, here's the newest design in eco-friendly coffins: the PULP coffin by DanCof. It looks like the standard coffin but is made of biodegradable, long fiber recycled paper, it is incredibly light compared to wooden caskets, and it is a sustainable product that can be easily mass produced.

The usual wooden or MDF boxes contain formaldehyde and a number of other chemicals that pollute the ground as they break down, while the only thing the PULP coffin is treated with is an environmentally friendly material that is water resistant but will eventually degrade without leaching harmful elements.

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