Goin' Downtown to the Disco

The night is old* (2:54 a.m. to be exact) and we – Joe, Phil

and myself – are driving down the long dark road to Langerado. The wee hour

traffic is scarce, we’re still running on adrenaline from the Disco Biscuits

show at The Bank, and relief at not having to face a four-hour drive in the

morning is palpable. The 8 a.m. morning, that is. Because we don’t wanna go to

a Bisco show, party down, go home and pass out, get up too early and without

enough rest to face four hours on the road. Our technique is much better: Go to

tonight’s show, drink water not beer, leave the show, load the car, and head to

our final destination without delay. This way we wake up refreshed and ready to

take on … whatever needs to be taken on, I guess.


Disco Buscuits bass player Marc Brownstein

The Disco Biscuits show at The Bank was sold out by the time

we arrived, the back parking lot full, Central Avenue lined with cars, and a

crowd of will-callers and ticket hopefuls milling in front of the entrance.


Inside, the club was jam packed, the air thick with smoke and warm with sweat from the

press of bodies. Crowding in the main room, the largely male crowd continued to

dance, drink and sweat. It was fantastic to see a great, undervalued venue like

The Bank filled to capacity.

The Langerado buzz was everywhere, and I walked into myriad

conversations about the fest. The party leading to Langerado got rolling early,

and new schoolers (the kids who don’t know how to pace themselves) were

scattered about the bar in various states of fucked up. But this meant, as Joe

said, that there was something entertaining to watch everywhere you turned.

We left at set break so we could at least guarantee getting

into Laudie before 6 a.m. And thus far, we’re on schedule. With Joe driving,

and Phil riding shotgun and sitting in as DJ, I plan on counting mile markers

until Sufjan Stephens or Trey Anastasio or Brian Eno or whoever sings me to

sleep. (Road trips are, in my humble opinion, one of the main reasons to have,

and enjoy, an iPod.)


*Thursday night, Friday morning – this was written on the

road and I would have diligently posted it when we got in at around 5:15 a.m.,

but decided the task seemed too daunting at the time. Today, we head to the

Sound Check blissfully rested.

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