Going green on the home front: Tips and gadgets for saving energy and water

One area that most people fail to “think green” is in the shower. They might let it run for a few minutes to get good and hot, they might bathe for ten or twenty minutes at a time, and they most often don’t seek to collect any of the excess water.

Simply deciding to limit yourself to a five minute shower is one way to reduce energy consumption and save a lot of money. The Showertime Shower Timer is a low-cost tool for ensuring the optimal shower times and uses a simple design to alert the bather when time is up.

[image-1]Another area of massive energy consumption is in the use of laundry machines. Millions of people are guilty of running the washer when it isn’t full, and more are guilty of using dryers when a rack or Countertop Dryer would have sufficed. These are not only far more energy efficient, but they are much gentler on garments and the wallet too.

Follow these tips and you'll surely be on your way to an eco-friendlier lifestyle, not to mention, saving money on your bills.


Do you know how simple it is to “go green”? Most people think that it means a bunch of radical lifestyle changes and costly home improvements, but the fact of the matter is that it is best to go green in stages rather than trying to tackle the process in a matter of days or a few weeks.

For example, if you decide to be eco-savvier at home, you will have to pull together all of your utility bills and do some basic math to see what your lifestyle habits are costing you. For instance, how often do you leave your computer on around the clock? Do you watch hours and hours of TV during the weekends? How long is your average shower? How much gas or electricity do you use in a single month?

Once you become aware of the costs you can begin identifying the areas in which you might be careless or consuming too much.

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