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Couldn't agree more with your positive review of Rebel Pride's album, It Is What It Is (Music Feature, "The Good, The Bad, The Local," by Scott Harrell and Cooper Lane Baker, March 8-14). They are one of my favorite local bands. I'm not sure they get the respect they deserve in all circles. I play the CD often, wantonly risking my weenie car speakers.

Laura Keane

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How does one write about and critique a concert before it even happens (Music Menu, by Scott Harrell, March 1-7)? What kind of foolish writer does a review on a concert but doesn't go watch them perform? For you to even print that totally lacks credibility in the world of journalism.

I hope the next time you guys decide to write about a show, you actually attend! Trust me when I say that the bands that played at the USF Sun Dome on March 5 are not some cookie-cutter grunge band. Had you actually given them a chance before prejudging them, you would have seen the connections they make with their fans.

To me, it sounds like the SnoCore Tour's acts were not your writers' favorites and he decided to be biased. Way to go on keeping up the integrity of your writers. You should be proud.


West Palm Beach

Scott responds:

The Music Menu is not a show REview section, it is a show PREview section. The entries are not critiques but overviews of some notable acts coming to town. Each entry depends upon how much I know about the artist in question, and how strongly my personal opinion may be regarding that artist. I am a music critic, and if I think a group is terrible, I reserve the right to say so.

I research every artist about which I write. And I know plenty about both Seether and Shinedown, as both bands have played the Bay area multiple times. In my informed opinion, these bands suck. They offer nothing original or even remotely exciting to rock music, and I don't think they're worth seeing.

Of course, this is just my opinion. If you like Seether and Shinedown, have at it. I'm just not going to recommend them to our readers. I can't do it in good conscience, so I won't.

That, to me, is credibility.


Thank you for your restaurant reviews. I have been in the restaurant business for 15 years. I moved here after the hurricane hit New Orleans and rather quickly have gotten disappointed with the culinary scene in Tampa. According to the stats there are 4 million people living in the Bay area, and I can find only a handful of worthy fine dining restaurants. However, as you said in your review of Daily Eats (Food Feature, "Not Today," by Brian Ries, March 1-7), why are these people here? That goes for not just Daily Eats but a slew of restaurants in this town. In any other city of this size the fine dining establishments are rampant and delivering on their promises.

I understand that Tampa is the chain restaurant capital of the country, but where do the people with a palate eat around here? I have been to Armani's, Bern's, Sidebern's, Mise en Place, Capital Grill, and a few dozen others in the last months and it is tough to come to realize that there is not much more. One thing I thank you for is that your reviews are helpful and accurate in my opinion. That still leaves me with the question of where do "the gourmets" eat.

Raoul Schneider



In regards to Dian Hardison's letter "Lockstep with the stupid" (Going Postal, March 1-7), that is exactly what she is doing. Marching in lockstep with the stupid Democrats. Silly misguided Dian. She needs to get her facts straight and come out of the darkness and into the light. Why can't those silly liberals be "fair and balanced" like the Republicans?

Rhonda Archer


CORRECTION: In last week's Music Feature, "The Good, The Bad, The Local," an incorrect website address was printed for Kosmik Egg. The band's website is www.kosmikeggband.com.

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