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Editor's Note: We received numerous comments on "Body Slammed," our 6/21 story about William Guevara, who was falsely accused of stealing money from Ruth Bollea, the mother of Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan). In addition to calls, letters and online comments, the story generated a big response (and more than 30,000 hits on our website) from users of Fark.com, which linked to the story on June 24. The Farkers' reactions overwhelmingly supported the position that Guevara deserves an apology, but there was dissent as well (and not just from wrestling fans), with many making the point that it's the Tampa P.D., not Hulk, who deserves the most blame. The following is a sampling, edited for space, of the responses received at the Planet.

I am the son of William Guevara, and people don't know how much this has affected our family. I personally took care of Peter Bollea and helped Ruth Bollea after Peter Bollea passed away, and I know nobody deserves to be treated the way my father was treated. So Terry Bollea, if you have any decency in you, apologize to my father for all the harm you have done to him and to our family.

Omar Guevara


How can this man, going from rags to riches, become so indifferent? How can he disrespect his own parents by doing something like this to a person who seemed to not only take care of them, but loved them? Mr. Guevara deserves more than an apology. He deserves The Hulk to get down on his knees in front of Mr. Guevara, and THANK HIM for everything he did for his parents.


Via website

Good work, Hulk! Imagine 20 years from now, when the years of steroid abuse have taken their toll and you need care, but your kids are too busy for Dear Old Dad. Hopefully, there will be a William Guevara around to help you. However, this time around, it'll cost you dearly, as you see, your contribution toward degrading the spirit of one man will have changed how people offer up their time and energy for acts of kindness. Make sure you have your "high balance account" ATM card handy.


Via website

Your recent and blatant attack on Terry "Hulk" Hogan was a shameful display of negligent journalism. I weep at night knowing that real American heroes like the Hulkster are pinned up and degraded in a manner that completely disregards the sacrifices and services that they offer our great country. Your writers need to be schooled in the rich history and culture that surrounds Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment. Your Leslie Mattern and your Wayne Garcia could stand to take a few pointers from some of the greats. They could try withstanding Sergeant Slaughter's merciless Cobra Clutch, or try taking a body slam from Andre the Giant. They can tap-out to the grueling pain of Chris Benoit's Crippler Cross-Face, or even let The Rock lay the Smackdown on their rudy-poo candy asses. People like Leslie and Wayne disgust me!

So whatcha gonna do, Leslie Mattern; watcha gonna do, Wayne Garcia, when HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD OVER YOU!


Via e-mail

When I read the story about this poor man, I got mad. I have a milder version of my employers' investigating me on nonsense just to scare me. It has changed me and how I feel about life. People don't know what this does to a person. The sad thing is that the people who do this don't care and have no idea what is does to you psychologically, to be treated like a criminal when you did nothing wrong. And then everyone you turn to in positions of power for help ignores you including the mayor and other officials. You begin to think differently about human beings. I relived my much milder experience when I read this story.


Via website

I don't think you can blame just the Hulk. When you report something, they ask you who would be around to be able to get the card. He would have had to tell them who was around. The police department didn't do their job, but what's new?


Via website

I believe that after everything that Mr. Guevara has been through regarding the wrongful accusations from Hulk Hogan and the Tampa Police Department he deserves an apology. Hulk Hogan more than anyone else should have the decency to apologize to Mr. Guevara. Come on, Hulk, have a little respect for someone who did so much for your parents!!!!


Via website

rock on hulk hogan send me ten bucks if you can dude im broke as hell but i still watch your show and have a poster of you in my room your my hero man dont worry you did the right thing by forwarding your suspicions to the police its not yer fault the police are too retarded to investigate instead they immediately target dirty sanchez and throw him in the slammer DOWN WITH TAMPA PIGS and quit being a crybaby and say sorry and give the man some bread hogan WWF LIVES!!!!


Via website

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