Going Postal

Think Happy Thoughts!

Not to always be the one to hog the spotlight, but I think I really ought to have been included in "All Dolled Up" (Cover Story, Oct. 26-Nov. 1, by Rachel Moran). I'm the one you did that article on ("Eat His Fairy Dust," David Jasper, March 2001). I'm still going stronger than ever with my homemade outfits, and well-known around the Bay area (and a good part of the planet now) for all of the, well... let's say "creative" outfits which I wear almost all the time. Mostly pixie, fairy, and child outfits! Please visit my website http://peterpan.pixyland.org, and be sure to click the link to my "Fashion" pages, and tell me if you agree.

Randy (Peter Pan) Constan

North Tampa

Remembering The Guvnah

I saw the short piece you did entitled "The Segregationist and the Integrationist" (Suggblog, Oct. 19-25, by John Sugg). As someone who has taken an interest regarding civil rights from my days at Jefferson High School and then as a United States Commissioner on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission, I vividly remember the statement by the late Governor Wallace when he said, "I will never be out-niggered again." I had the opportunity to meet Governor Wallace on several occasions and also Reverend Joe Lowery. Reverend Lowery is right. Governor Wallace did make a dramatic change. In the last months of Governor Wallace's life, he told several people he knew he would always be remembered for standing in the doorway of the University of Alabama denying blacks entrance to the university. He told those same people what he really wanted to be remembered by was that in his last race for governor he received 65 percent of the black vote in Alabama. Again, nice piece.

Al Fox


Treasured Island

Having grown up in Tarpon Springs, and having visited Egmont Key back in the '60s and '70s, I truly had no idea about the structures there (Urban Explorer, "The Island Way," by Max Linsky, Oct. 12-19). How I miss the days when you could boat out to Anclote Island and have the place pretty much all to yourselves. We fished for grouper and snapper, scalloped, snorkeled. We even camped out in the stilt houses in the mouth of the Withlacochee River. When I returned last year, now with an 8-year-old son in tow, it was bumper-to-bumper boats, beer cans, boom boxes and those family-unfriendly thongs on people far past their thong-wearing days. We motored around to the leeward side of the island, found a small quiet area and floated peacefully in the shallow waters sparkling in the sun. Ah, that brings back some of the best memories of my life. Many thanks and best wishes to the Schmidts for their dedication and hard work! Next time I try to return "home," we'll gladly pay the $15 and go to Egmont to see the fort we didn't even know existed, and to soak in more of the area's irresistible allure and now history.

I wish there were more people working to preserve these beautiful areas, and pray that we always cherish and protect the Gulf beaches. They are truly a national treasure!

Sharon Miklos Thompson


Some Call It Treason

Wasn't there a letter from some Republican dittohead a few weeks ago ("What's The Big Secret?" Letters, Aug. 24-30) that asserted Valerie Plame was not an undercover operative and, therefore, no investigation was necessary because no crime had been committed? I keep looking at the news reports, and seeing that Valerie Plame was an undercover operative and I wonder why this error hasn't been corrected. Perhaps she has false credentials like that gay Web operator from Texas who was Dubya's best bud at news conferences. We should really send a note to Mr. Fitzgerald and tell him to stop wasting his time and our money, and we should also send a note to the FBI because all of the agents involved should have known the legal definition of undercover and perhaps need retraining. Amazing, after two years of grand jury proceedings and probably thousands of man-hours, no one noticed that no actual crime had been committed. Somebody get Bill O'Reilly on the phone before Dick Cheney loses this valuable asset. Perhaps he can shred Libby's resignation before it takes effect.

Or perhaps we could acknowledge that the real crime is treason. Much has been made of the idea that Cheney/Libby/Rove, et al, were involved in some payback scheme against Joseph Wilson and his wife, and so it gets treated as little more than some high school hijinks played out in the sophomoric environment of Washington's Beltway. But political backstabbing is only a motive; the crime here is treason. The crime is undermining an intelligence analyst with expertise in weapons of mass destruction at a time when our security is threatened. The crime of treason in a time of war is punishable by death, and any attempt to downplay the severity of this criminal act is un-American and seditious by definition.

Noelle Haight



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