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House Proud

Wow!! I lived in Tampa from 2004 to 2006 as a college student. With all the things I saw I never once saw this wonderful place (Urban Explorer, "Last House Standing," by Alex Pickett, Feb. 28-March 6). Wow!! This story and this house just took my breath away. I would love to know more. I'm an Black American from Evergreen, Alabama, 22 years old, and ... how they was able to hold on to their family history is amazing. FIght hard Mr. Robinson and good luck with everything. Now I know what will be on my list to take my family when I go back to Tampa.


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No Renaissance Men

How can you write an article (Urban Explorer, "Renaissance Men," by Alex Pickett, Feb. 14-20) based on two 20-year-old guys that have only been doing festivals for a year or two???? The picture you painted of us and the R.V. park are NOT true. The majority of us work 5-7 days a week making our wares and taking care of business. The only "rennies" that work 2-3 days a week are employees that only work on fair days and do not have to HAND MAKE products. We are not all hippie-looking people. There are some of us that are 50, 60 and even 70 years of age that surely do not fit that description and who has never been in trouble because of who we are and what we do. The Renaissance Festivals are more than "watching the joust and buying trinkets." It is part of history, education and fun for the whole family. Our wares are not trinkets. They are handcrafted items that take a lot of work. As for your comment of "wheel-less trailers, rusted R.Vs, pot-holed roads, park employees nowhere to be found, etc." Are you sure you were in the right place???? That is all a bunch of crap!! It is too bad that you have nothing better to do than go around prying in other people's private lives and write an article on the assumption of what two younger members of our community tell you without gathering more information and opinions from more of us rennies before writing this article. BAD JOURNALISM!!!!

Joe Rogers

Abercrombie & Rich

I saw this exhibition at the opening and was floored by what Abercrombie captured ("Sights Unseen," Feb. 21-27, review by Megan Voeller of Thomas J. Abercrombie show at Florida Museum of Photographic Arts). Those were indeed different times, and it is amazing what he was able to document. Gorgeous photography and well worth a visit to this downtown museum.


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The Al-Arian Movie

I have to say that I completely disagree with Mr. Garcia's assessment of this extremely powerful and moving film ("The View from There," Wayne Garcia on USA vs. Al-Arian, Feb. 28-March 6). As an American, I felt extremely disappointed and repulsed to know that my government could be responsible for causing such pain and injustice to an innocent man and his family. Mr. Garcia seems to be writing this article from a completely biased standpoint as he seems to forget that out of over 200 counts against the four defendants there were ZERO convictions, even after Mr. Al-Arian presented NO defense. His only guilt was having association with the Islamic Jihad, which is not a crime in our Constitution. I strongly encourage all Americans to watch this film for themselves and to remember that in America it is still not a crime to exercise your right to free speech, beliefs and association.

Lamese Hasan

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The Fix Is In

Thanks for asking for my input, Wayne ("Fixing Politics, by Wayne Garcia, Feb. 28-March 6). This was a good essay on making politics better, and working together we can push for some of the suggestions. By the way, [I was] surprised how many people read CL — pretty bipartisan based on those who have told me they read my comments.

Mark Proctor

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In the profile of Joe Redner in last week's issue, the name of Denise Chavez was inadvertently omitted from the list of candidates who, like Redner, were running for the District 1 City Council seat.

Note from Senior Editor Eric Snider: It was my error to include in the Taylor Hicks review (Maria Sevillano, Feb. 28-March 6) that he had skipped an American Idol package tour in favor of smaller venues. I did not know that he had previously concluded the American Idol tour. Yes, a little research would have prevented the mistake.


Julie Brown (Election Primer, by Wayne Garcia, Feb. 28-March 6) supports the majority City Council position that cigar factory owners must give their consent before their properties can be designated under city historic preservation ordinances. Our story initially said her position extended to all historic properties, which is not the case.

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