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You are a bonehead. Dissing Johnny Cash? ("Overrated," Cover Story, by Eric Snider and CL Staff, Nov. 22-28). How old are you, son? You obviously have not listened to his music. Country, gospel, rock, his take on Nine Inch Nails — this man did it all! And guess what, he didn't o.d. or blow his head off with a shotgun to gain immortality. He did it with his music. You don't know shit from Shinola, bonehead.

Via e-mail

Eric Snider: Putting Johnny Cash at the top of your list confirms what I've always suspected of you, that you're a gutless, soulless fuck who doesn't get it. The type of guy who smirks his way through life sipping Boone's Farm while looking for bebop jazz artists to name-drop in hopes of getting laid. No defense of Johnny Cash is necessary. A defense on why you've been employed by that magazine for so long is. There's only so many Steely Dan records you can give four stars to over and over again. Unless you put him up there to bait people like me, you suck. Aw forget it, you suck anyway. Your pal,

Johnny Zoom

Well, it looks like you idiots are extremely bored. Some of your picks like Nip and Tuck, Gone with the Wind and so on I agree with. But to say Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and Sgt. Pepper's are overrated is ridiculous. I suggest you get your nerdy asses out in the real world and put your mark down. Do something great so we can all criticize it! But that is not going to happen. You are all a bunch of wannabes. One last thought: Creative Loafing is extremely overrated. That's why it is free. Govern yourself accordingly, jackasses.

Overrated white husband and father
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First, thank you for you efforts. To begin, I won't touch the music section. Gutsy and just; by attempting to slaughter truly sacred cows, you deserve respect. The film section, though, was horseshit. No originality, thought or care was put into it though you so arrogantly stated, "We don't suppose that you will agree ... mostly because we know you're wrong." There is absolutely no defending this section, especially with the shots you took in the Music category. It seems if you did have the balls, you might have attacked Tim Burton, Se7en, Coppola, Crash, Shawshank Redemption, Spielberg or American film in general. But instead you took vicious aim at ... Gone with the Wind? The Breakfast Club? Star Trek? Tom Hanks? This section was so bad I dismissed the rest of the article. Disgraceful attempt at being antagonistic/brave no matter how much a couple of gay men love their Wizard of Oz. Sorry, but you come off looking like posers.

Jonathan Llovio
Via e-mail

I am so unbelievably in agreement with you on the majority of those listed that I think there must be something terribly wrong with me. From Bern's bordello to silicone obsession, you were right on the money. I took exception to probably only one, due to my contention that my penchant for things I don't find a need to understand, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey or Dalí paintings, makes me extremely c-o-o-l. Your main sin of omission, however, would have to be the holy trinity of unburyables: Elvis, Princess Di and Dale Earnhardt.

Mojo J. Beauxdein

High On Brian

In reference to Mr. Rodriguez' letter to the editor regarding Brian Ries' restaurant reviews (Going Postal, Nov. 8-14), I feel just the opposite. It is the first item I read in the CL because it is so refreshing to read a review by a reviewer who is knowledgeable in restaurant operations as well as the food. With his own style, he adds color and culture to his reviews. The food reviewers in our local daily papers (Bradenton Herald, Manatee Tribune) are often dry, patronizing and unaware of the subtext of the business. Their reviews lack depth. Mr. Ries' reviews shine with knowledge and are a service to the readers. The reader can build a trust in Mr. Ries' recommendations.

Kim Durocher
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