Good god: look who's sleeping with his neighbor's wife

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I am an average swinger. I work the daily grind, sporadically pounding on the glass ceiling in an effort to get ahead. At the office, I’m just another plain Jane — another soccer mom and wife. Like me, most swingers are not in the public sphere. They are not influential enough for society at large to care about their sex lives. The only people whose sex lives seem to matter, other than our own, are those public figures we look up to and hold to a higher standard.

In my ten plus years of living the lifestyle, I'm rarely shocked to discover what a swinger does in his professional life. Still, every once in awhile I'm surprised, as I was the other night at a swinger party when a man admitted that he is a preacher at a local church.

This man has preached the gospel for over twenty years. He has been the servant, the herald, and the messenger of his God. He has tended the sick and counseled couples on the sanctity of marriage. He has also been sleeping with his neighbors’ wife, the cashier at the grocery store, and the teller at the bank — all with his wife's permission.

He is not open about his lifestyle to his congregation. Most people are not open-minded enough to understand how a religious man could be a swinger. However, like everyone who has read the Bible, he has his own personal interpretation of this scripture. For him, non-monogamy is as compatible to his faith as polygamy is for many of the "holy" men depicted in the Bible. Like many swingers, this preacher and his wife view non-monogamy and permitted cheating as a health part of their relationship.

The lesson here is that having an open relationship does not make you a bad person. Swingers have been teaching our children, running fortune 500 countries, bagging our groceries, and even preaching to us for years.

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When many people think of swingers, they picture orgies of hot women in lingerie mixing it up with muscular men to the music of Barry White. Others picture underground clubs full of couples with an abundance of body hair, body fat, and gold chains. The reality may be far more surprising, as swingers are far more normal than many people expect.

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