Google Maps captures naked man climbing into his trunk

it went viral.

This image has raised many questions, namely, why would a man climb into his own trunk in full view of the street while naked? Was he testing out the trunk space for some extreme role-playing fetish or was he planning a kidnapping heist and just seeing how comfortable his trunk was for a nude man? I would venture to guess that the answer is far less scandalous. He's probably just wearing short shorts that are obscured from view and is sitting in his trunk as he replaces a tail light.

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There seems to be a cult of people who look for strange things on "Google Street View." Recently, police even used an image of a notorious Brooklyn drug corner to help prosecute three heroin dealers. Now a Google picture has surfaced of what appears to be a naked German man climbing into the trunk of his car.

The image was found after the recent launch of "Google Street View" in several German cities. As users were testing out the software, this image from Mannheim stood out. Google has since blurred the picture of the naked man, but not before

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