GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson to speak in Clearwater on Monday

Johnson is barely registering at all with Republican primary voters, in part because he hasn't received the exposure that the debates have brought others who in some cases aren't polling that much better than he is (such as Jon Hunstman, who will not be participating in Saturday night's debate because ABC says he's not polling high enough).

There has been some speculation that Johnson will go rogue and leave the GOP and run as the Libertarian Party candidate.

In fact, Johnson's speech Monday night and meet-and-greet that follow are being organized by the Libertarian Party of Florida. The Liberty Organization and the 1787 Network are also sponsoring the event.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who has been ignored by most of the mainstream media in his quixotic bid for the GOP nomination for president, will be in Clearwater Monday night, December 12, at the Datex Business Center, Main Auditorium, 10300 49th Street North at 6 p.m.

Johnson will not be in Iowa Saturday night, the site of the next presidential debate, to be broadcast by ABC News. Instead, Johnson will be live-blogging the forum on from California.

Johnson has been an observer for all but two of the presidential debates this year, which hardly seems fair considering his distinguished two-term tenure serving New Mexico from 1994-2002.

And while his colleagues on the campaign trail will be trolling for votes or hunkering down in preparation for tomorrow night's debate, Johnson will be engaging in something that none of the other candidates would dare be caught doing — discussing medical marijuana policy in Oakland.

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