Green clean: Polish silver with non-toxic, household items

No need for toxic cleaners to polish the "good" silverware.

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Check out this handy list from The Mother Nature Network with ways to "green" clean your fancy silver. And who knows, since it's so easy, safe and inexpensive to use these methods, maybe you'll bring out the "good" silverware more often.

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Information via MNN; photo: nimariel via Flickr.

click to enlarge Green clean: Polish silver with non-toxic household items - nimariel via Flickr
nimariel via Flickr
Green clean: Polish silver with non-toxic household items

  • nimariel via Flickr

For those of you lucky enough to own a set of real silverware (as in, the kind made from real silver), you probably don't use it all that often. This may also mean that it doesn't get polished too often because it's a pain in the rear to do, plus there's the fact that you have to go out and buy the chemicals to clean it with.

Well what if I told you that you may already have the items in your home to polish that tarnished silver? Yep, a few simple, household items — like baking soda, vinegar and toothpaste — can be used in place of those traditional cleaners, saving you from inhaling the noxious fumes and the water supply from the toxic chemicals.

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