Green up your office by saving energy and resources

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Let’s start with the most obvious – the electricity. Use only the amount of lighting you require, replace bulbs with CFLs if possible, and try to find a “standby saver” or manual power strip too. This will give you a great deal of control over the amount of energy consumed by all of the devices in your space, and can save money for the company as well.

Next we can consider the many supplies gobbled up in the average office each day. The biggest of them all is paper, and it is advisable to reuse pages that have only been printed on a single side (if there are no concerns about confidentiality). You can simply keep an [image-1]

Simply developing a few good habits and using some of the easy steps discussed here you will be able to make your office time more eco-friendly and rewarding. See the latest stuff now!


Stuck in the office all day? This is a hardship faced by billions of people around the world each and every day of the year. Why not try to make it a bit more fun and productive? How? By making a concerted effort to green up your office, cubicle, workspace, etc., as much as possible.

Why? Well, if you work in a modern office it is quite likely that there is a computer, perhaps a printer, some lighting, a phone, and maybe a few other gadgets that rely entirely on electricity to function. There is also a lot of paper and printing materials too. It doesn’t take too much thought to recognize where you might be wasting precious resources and energy just sitting at the desk.

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