Gun-control activists in Tampa say they're not against the 2nd Amendment

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Participants in the rally also included supporters from the Organizing for Action (OFA) group. They came to help "move the conversation along" regarding gun safety laws. Many of the mothers, grandmothers, and other supporters elected to remain nameless, but still stood boldly in support of the cause.

Organizing for Action was formally affiliated with the Obama election campaigns, but has since branched off and claims to remain neutral in regards to party alliances. Their support for Saturday’s rally was inspired by many of the violent gun crimes including Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Aurora.

In light of the recent Newtown tragedy, the only legislative action locally has been to arm and train school teachers to protect children.

Many of the rally members spoke out to prevent arming school teachers with guns. OFA supporter Ione Townsend wants to "keep guns away from kids" and she believes that the "kids are scared and they should not have to worry about safety."

Gun-supporters often fear that their Second Amendment right to own a gun would be ended with the passing of gun reform laws. They fear that any regulation and recording of purchases could one day lead to confiscations of guns.

The rally group stood firm in their beliefs when confronted by an antagonistic protester. The man proceeded to get in the face of many of the participants and argue for his right to own a gun.

Townsend claims that OFA’s aim is to “keep working till we get sensible gun reforms for a safer civilization," adding that "we don’t want to take guns away; we just want to keep them safe.”

Similar reactions were seen by passing cars, whose drivers yelled and cursed at the protesters, but the rally participants relished the attention, claiming that any attention was good for their cause.

Larguier’s goal for the event was primarily to “get attention, mobilize people to take action and call their elected officials. Also not to stand back and do nothing about Newtown tragedy and not to forget.”

She also mentioned that legislation floating in Congress to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines were at a standstill. Organizers aid that part of the objective was to be heard by the members of the Senate before those proposals are voted on, probably later this month.

  • Participants in Saturday's Rally for Gun Reform

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America took a stand with Organizing for Action on Bayshore Blvd and Bay to Bay Blvd in Tampa on Saturday. The 25 activists rallied to support gun reforms floating in Congress. Many of them said they were gun owners and even NRA members and spoke adamantly about their support of the 2nd Amendment, but they also believed that the safety of their children was worth taking a stand for sensible laws.

Shannon Watts founded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Moms Demand Action believes there is a way to “preserve the Second Amendment while also having common sense gun laws.”

Their objectives include placing a “ban on assault weapons and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.” Among several other goals, they also aim to “require background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases.”

“We support Common Sense Gun Laws and the 2nd Amendment.” Maggie Larguier and the Florida West Central and East Central Chapter of Moms Demand Gun Sense in America stressed their middle-ground stance on gun control.

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