Hats of Meat

When an e-mail directing me to this site was received, all that was said was, "That's it ... we are all officially and entirely too bored." Curiosity won over and I clicked the link. Yep. Humanity really needs a lot less free time. Let me break this site down for you: Hats. Of. Meat. Cranial coverings made from flesh. Not leather. Not suede. Actual throw it on the grill and eat it when you're done meat. And in a variety of jaunty styles, too! Mmm ... want me a Brisket Yarmulke. Just the thing for that trip to Temple. But since I'm not Jewish, I'll hold off on that purchase for a while. Apparently, meat as headgear has been around for many centuries. Our founding Fathers even participated in this bold fashion trend. The History section tells us that, "The expression 'I'll eat my hat' traces back as far as the 19th century, usually credited to Abraham Lincoln in reference to one of his trademark stovepipe hats, which were often made of tenderloin." Honest Abe. Great emancipator. Killer barbeque chef. Trendsetter. Yeah, that beard-and-mole thing was the tip of the iceberg. And for those of you who cannot afford to purchase a meat hat, feel free to watch the movie on how to fashion your very own "Base-Bull Cap". All right, this is a farce, albeit a goofy one. But the best part of this site is not the inherent silliness. No, the best part revolves around pictures of people wearing these creations. Let's take a moment to realize that in order to get some of these images, people stood around wearing uncooked flesh and allowed the world to view them doing so. Kinda makes you feel just that much cooler than some of the idiots out there, huh?

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