He said he didn't have a girlfriend

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I hate when guys tell me they don’t have girlfriends when they do. I don’t care, I’ll fuck you anyway if I’m attracted to you. Just don’t lie to me about because I want to know the risks upfront. Some women will flip out on you if they catch you with their man. I ended up with a pit bull and a mountain of clothes four feet high on my doorstep once because I was fucking someone‘s boyfriend. Of course at the time, I denied I even knew him and made her take it all back. I learned a lesson on that one, if he has a girlfriend only fuck him once, or else there will be drama. I live by this still.

I hooked up with Don a couple of weeks ago. I had just shout the truck door when I hear someone hollering for my attention. I roll the window down to this young, 6’3, 210 pound, gorgeous man with bulging muscles asking for my number. Digits came out even before I knew his name. I wanted to conducted an interview right there and then this man was so fuck worthy. Just by looking at him I could feel my pussy getting wet and my clit start to throb. My need to fuck all the fluid out of his body wanted to take over. My only thoughts were how big is his cock and how well is it going to fit inside my pussy; not whether or not he had a girlfriend. I wouldn’t have cared if he did, I was ready to fuck.

We went back to my place letting the building desire for each other take over. Before long we where both naked and running hands and mouths all over each other. The taste and smell of him were driving my desire to the flooding point. The need to fuck and feel him deep inside of me took of for the next 20 minutes. He was hot, the sex was hotter and my swollen pussy was hottest of all.

Now that he made me cum and my brain was once again focused on something other than his cock, we had some small talk where the subject of girlfriend/boyfriend came up. Since I brought him to my place it’s pretty obvious that I’m single. Told him I was and that’s how I like it and how I want to be for now. He told me he didn’t have girlfriend and that I could text him for sex anytime. Score, someone else for rotation.

I text him for sex last night, “Hey come over tonight and make me cum on you fat hard cock.” His response of “Wat up?” instead of Ok, was my first clue so I played along.

Wat up with u?”

“Nothin. I want sum, where u @”

Work til 10

“U know who dis is” Now here is where the red flags start to go up. I had text him hadn’t I? So being the experience cheater that I am, my response

“Either u or ur girlfriend

“Dis Don, so after work then?

“I’ll be home in an hour”

“When’s the last time we fucked, I’ve gotta get some tonight” Well here we go, it’s the girlfriend not him. He wouldn’t ask when the last time we fucked was. It was on his brothers birthday and we’d managed to fit in a drink to celebrate.

“If you were him and not her, shouldn’t you know” Bingo, my phone rings seconds after hitting send. The drama begins, it’s his girlfriend calling me. I did what I normally do in this situation. “Who? I don’t know him, must be wrong number.” I don’t like the drama and I‘m not going to argue with some chick over her cheating man. That‘s not my problem. Besides it’s not really my fault, he told me he didn’t have a girlfriend. If I would have known I wouldn’t have text him. This is what I don’t understand. Why give someone the okay to send you incriminated text message like “Hey come over and fuck me till I cum on your cock” when you have girlfriend with easy access to your phone? The next time I conduct an interview and ask if he has a girlfriend, a “yes” is cause for immediate termination.

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