Herman Cain remains hot

That's a rise of 12 percentage points for Cain in just the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that an independent conservative group (called "the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama") says it's going up with a series of new television commercials and radio ads in Iowa later this month as part of its campaign to "Stop Mitt Romney" from winning the Republican presidential nomination.

A gentleman by the name of Lloyd Marcus, the Chairman of the group, made these comments:

“If you support the principles of the Republican Party platform, as I do, then it’s important that we make sure the GOP nominates someone who has supported and fought for those principles. On almost every single important issue facing America today, Mitt Romney has fought against conservatives and Republicans. He’s been a liberal on fiscal issues, a liberal on social issues, and a liberal on national security issues. We don’t need the Republican Party to be defined by liberal leaders, we have plenty of Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO) folks in the GOP as is, without having our presidential nominee be one too.”

But back to Cain.

Famed Republican party media consultant Adam Goodman, who CL met up with on Wednesday for an upcoming story, spoke enthusiastically about what Cain is all about, saying he brought the house down with his speech during Presidency 5, the straw poll that Cain won 12 days ago.

"Everyone’s kind of looking around after his speech, saying did you just hear what I heard?," Goodman says, adding that when sat down for an interview with the TV crew that he had assembled for his all day long live streaming webcast. "He walks in the room, and from the time he walked in until he left, he mesmerized everybody in that environment. He just won over the room."

Goodman says that there are to different "psychologies" working inside the Republican base. A concerned, non-risky atmosphere that should augur well for a Mitt Romney, something that Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman are working towards.

But he says the other psychology is one that "wants to feel good about something," and he says that's what Ronald Reagan did, and "that's why Herman Cain - or somebody like him, is so appealing. Everyone was saying, 'great guy, great speeches.'"

"Now you’re hearing two words: why not? It’s just starting to percolate out there."

Herman Cain last month in Tampa
  • Herman Cain last month in Tampa

A funny thing happened to CL on our way to check out the latest supernova in the GOP presidential sweepstakes, Herman Cain, who was in St. Petersburg on Wednesday afternoon signing copies of his just released book, This is Herman Cain.

Actually it was more scary than funny. Our rear right tire blew out approaching the Roosevelt Blvd. exit off of I-275, getting mangled in mere seconds as we wobbled our way over to the right shoulder of the road.

We're happy we're here to live another day, but that means we did miss meeting some of the folks who were waiting to meet Cain, who is pretty hot in the pop culture universe this week.

How hot? Well the new was already in the top 10 on Amazon.com as of Tuesday afternoon. Copies of the hardcover were out of stock until Friday, and a CBS News poll released Tuesday night has him tied with Mitt Romney for the current lead in the GOP race, both coming in at 17 percent.

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