Hey, everyone, Donald Trump needs money!

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee's finances are, uh, not good.

It's been a rough couple of days for the Donald Trump campaign, what with the departure of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and the campaign finance reports showing Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's coffers are significantly more, er, endowed than his.

As Trump would put it on Twitter: Sad!

Late Tuesday afternoon, Trump sent out the first-ever fundraising email of his campaign.

"This is the first fundraising email I have ever sent on behalf of my campaign. That's right. The FIRST ONE," the email reads, before adding that he was going to match any donation made over the next 48 hours (and explaining what a match is using a graphic).

The email was one of about a dozen the campaign fired off Tuesday. Most trashed Clinton, who slammed him over the economy.

One of the earlier campaign emails he sent defended the seemingly paltry fundraising and promising that June's report will far surpass that of May, when raising money wasn't in full swing yet for the campaign, which only "held its first campaign fundraising event on May 25th, 2016," and has since been, as you may have guessed, "incredible"  and "a tremendous outpouring of support for Mr. Trump and money to the Republican Party."

Trump added that he would put money of his own on the line if he needed to.

 Plus, there's all that free media attention he gets that pretty much negates much of his need to fundraise (guilty. as. charged.).

Earlier Tuesday, Clinton went after him aggressively on questions of his business acumen and his plans for the economy.

Locally, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn echoed those sentiments.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a coherent economic thought come out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Twitter is not an economic policy. His infrastructure policy consists only of building a wall. Donald Trump is the wrong candidate at the wrong time for this country,” Buckhorn said, according to a statement the Clinton campaign mailed out after a Tampa press conference.

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