Hillsborough County Republicans rally behind Rick Scott and his plan to rid state of non-citizen voters

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Apparently that message has trickled down to the chairmen of the Republican Parties throughout the state of Florida.

In a press release issued Monday, Art Wood, Chairman of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee, called on members of the local party to contact Scott and/or Attorney General Pam Bondi to tell them to keep up the pressure on the feds.

?What we?re trying to do is motivate our members to get on the phone and encourage the Governor and the Attorney General to continue the fight against illegal voting. It?s really important that our voting rules be honest.?

?Republicans and Democrats alike believe in the importance of an honest voting system with integrity.? continues Wood. ?The current voter roles have problems. For example, we know from surveys that there are a significant number of people who claim they are not citizens but claim the right to vote.?

The battle between the Department of Justice and the state grew more intense on Friday as the ACLU and other groups asked a federal court to stop the purge until the Justice Department makes a decision in the case.

The state sent a list of approximately 2,600 voters of non-citizens to the 67 supervisor of elections. They were obligated then to contact those people and tell them they are no longer eligible to vote because they are supposedly non-citizens. But after a number of complaints by the supervisors of elections that the lists were faulty, the purge has stopped for now.

  • Hillsborough County Republican Party chair Art Wood

Over the weekend Rick Scott showed no remorse or reluctance to continue the fight in Florida's battle against the Obama Justice Department regarding the state's quest to purge non-citizens from the voting rolls right now.

At a Tea Party Express rally in Tallahassee, the Palm Beach Post's Dara Kam reports that the governor urged the activists to help him gain support for the non-citizen voting purge.

Scott once again complained that the Department of Homeland Security has been unfair to the state by not granting them access to the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, or “SAVE,” database the states are supposed to be allowed to use to check voter IDs.

"Okay so the latest is who should get to vote in our state and in our country. People that are citizens of our country. It’s very simple, right? Who comes up with the idea that you get to vote if you’re not a citizen?," Scot is quoted as saying in the Post.

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