Hillsborough County Young Democrats vow to register 20,000 voters in time for 2012 election

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Those "draconian" new regulations that Heberlein referred to are part of what constitutes the elections reform bill passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Scott this past spring. That bill reduces the number of days that citizens can "early vote" before election day.

The new law also mandates that collections of registration forms must be handed into a supervisor of elections office within 48 hours. Previously, groups like the Hillsborough Young Democrats, the League of Women Voters, and other 3rd party groups had up to 10 days to submit them to their local elections office.

In fact, the League announced after the law was passed that they would no longer do such registration drives, saying the shorter time limit made it almost impossible to do so effectively.

That's where this new group is trying to pick up the slack.

Democrats have also blasted another requirement of the law, which says voters moving from another county can't change their addresses at the polls. The Dems say the measure is meant to suppress the votes of college students.

The Justice Department has already announced that they will "carefully consider" the new elections law.

The Hillsborough Young Democrats will address these issues at a news conference they have scheduled for next Tuesday, July 19, at 12 p.m. in front of the county center in downtown Tampa.

The continuing job problem in the U.S. will make Barack Obama's re-election bid tough next year, regardless of his opponent. There are concerns that parts of his base - young and minority voters - simply aren't in love with President Obama in 2011 as they were with candidate Obama in 2008.

Vowing to ensure that those young people come in support the President to the degree they did in'08, the Hillsborough Young Democrats, a group of well, Hillsborough county Democrats under the age of 40, say they'll host a news conference next week to announce their goal of attempting to register 20,000 new voters in time to for the 2012 election:

While many other third party registration groups are considering pulling out of Florida due to draconian new regulations intended to discourage groups from registering new voters, the Hillsborough Young Democrats are planning to double down and pick up the slack by implementing a massive county wide voter registration effort,” said Timothy Heberlein, president of the Hillsborough Young Democrats. “We understand this may put us at risk, but if this is the cost of democracy, we are prepared to pay it.”

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