Hillsborough Democrat wants DWS out as DNC Chair

Since being selected to chair the Democratic National Committee a few years ago, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has received her share of criticism from certain parts of the party. In Tampa, for instance, her rigidity in aligning herself with the anti-Castro exile community in Miami has been a turn-off, as her House colleague Kathy Castor and now likely gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist have called for an end to the five-decades-long economic sanctions.

What's causing Hillsborough County Democrat Chris Cano to speak out, however, was her vote a few weeks ago regarding a measure to cut funds for Drug Enforcement Agency raids on medical marijuana operations, in which the South Florida Representative was one of the few Democrats in opposition (It passed on a 219-189 vote in the House). That was before she came out against Amendment 2, the medical marijuana initiative that raised the ire of one of its leading advocates, Orlando attorney John Morgan.

"I'm not the only one in my party who doesn't think that she's not fit to be party leader based on her stances on her political alliances," Cano told CL on Wednesday. "Maybe she might have been a good pick at the time, but based on her actions over the past couple of years and what she's done, she's just not fit to lead the Democratic Party."