Hillsborough County agrees to make teachers' jobs slightly less thankless

Some Tampa Bay educators will get a higher salary to spend on stuff their students need.

click to enlarge Hillsborough County agrees to make teachers' jobs slightly less thankless

Teachers! For some reason, we hate and want to punish them for doing what is arguably civilization's most important job. For decades, public educators everywhere have fought against the perception that since they're basically babysitters, they shouldn't be paid much more than Stacey from down the street makes per hour to keep little Hayden from electrocuting himself while his parents go bowling.

That fight has been more vocal, aggressive and present since the dawn of social media and the realization that someday everybody who already has an education and a job will die. And it's scored a victory locally: The Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association and Hillsborough County School District have tentatively come to an agreement to give most teachers — meaning those who have already been eligible for an increase anyway — the $4,000 raises they were previously promised, and have been battling to receive for most of the recently concluded school year.

Hillsborough School District Superintendent Jeff Eakins announced the agreement, which also includes reduced childcare costs and pay raises for teacher's aides among other benefits, in a press conference today. The deal still has to be voted on by the Hillsborough County School Board and ratified by the union, but it still represents a significant step forward in recognizing the efforts and contributions of educators.

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