How love sucks, let me count the ways: Love Stinks Radio

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We need love. We also need to bitch about it and listen to other people’s relationship horror stories. We need to know we’re not alone in our lonely quests to find a partner, that others have worse relationship issues than our own.

Ella Moni and Pete Caruana have been capitalizing on this compulsion to gab about romance gone wrong with their new show, Love Stinks Radio on News-Talk 820. Every Sunday from 5 to7 p.m., the pair sit in  separate sound booths with a window between, debating the ins and outs of love. Why the glass? It helps deflect the pencils and hand gestures that start flying once the show heats up.

Ella and Pete don’t claim to be love experts. For the technical questions they defer to divorce lawyers and relationship therapists. The show was born out of their 20 years of radio experience, and the fact that friends kept asking them for advice in the ways of love, as Pete and Ella have survived most every species of crummy relationship. Their advice is sage, but often conflicting. The show’s real appeal hinges on the fact that Ella and Pete aren’t just co-hosts; they’re a real couple who work out their relationship problems on air. While their contradicting personalities may make for plenty of relationship woes, it’s the perfect formula for frisky radio.

Callers tend to agree with Pete, who is something of a hopeless romantic, while Ella has no qualms about challenging callers, and Pete, with the ugly truth.  On their very first show, Ella made Pete cry on air after badgering him about why he let his ex-wife dictate the terms of their breakup.

Asked what love is, Pete looks at Ella lovingly. “I never really knew what love was until you came into my life,” he tells her. “Love is putting your partner before you at all costs, no matter what. It’s a total denial of yourself.”

“I hate that answer,” Ella snaps. “I’m cynical. I don’t believe love lasts forever. I don’t believe there is such a thing. Love is a temporary situation; it’s that chemistry and friendship that happens between two people. Is there that magical mystery thing that makes people live together forever? No. That’s a fairytale. People make the decision, consciously, to be in love every day.”

"Well there you go," Pete says, grinning.

Listen to Ella and Pete each Sunday from 5-7 on News-Talk 820 WWBA, or listen to streaming shows online at .

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