How to keep that relationship spark burning

If you don’t tell your wife you love her, she may think your passion has faded. If you don't tell your boyfriend that you really don't like it when he leaves his socks on the coffee table, he won't realize it's a problem until you break down and start screaming about it. Be open and honest and address significant issues when they arise.  And when you do have something important to say, don’t ever email or text it, as these can be easily misinterpreted. However, this electronic rule doesn't go for professions of affection. Tell your partner you appreciate them every time you think about it. Don't hesitate to lavish praises on your partner.

-A life outside your relationship: Although I would love to spend every minute with my SO, it’s not healthy for either party. It’s important to have a group of friends that you can play Xbox with, have a few beers, go to the movies, shopping, or just sip some wine and talk. This will strengthen your social bonds and it will ease the feeling that you are trapped in a relationship.

-Sex: No you shouldn’t base your relationship on sex, and no sex isn’t everything, but sex does relieve  stress and builds the connection between you and your partner.

-Dates: Dating isn't tacky; it’s CUTE. Go home after a hard day at work, get dressed and head out on the town. Enjoy quality time with each other while experiencing new and exciting things. Dates aren’t only for the beginning of a relationship. As life gets in the way it sometimes gets harder to spend time with your SO, so it’s always good to make a point of going out.

-Do things for your partner without expecting anything in return: I always think of cute things to do for him, or ways to make him smile. I do these things because I love him, not because I want something in return. But when you go out of your way to be nice, a funny thing happens. Your partner does the same for you.

-Get to know yourself: As my good friend Panda says, “People forget to work on themselves throughout a relationship. They rely too completely on their partner or the relationship for happiness." Depending on a relationship to provide you with everything from happiness to identity will put too much strain on the relationship, and it is ultimately setting yourself up for a disaster.

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Every relationship is different. Some people fall in love in months while it takes others years. No matter what the particulars of your situation, the key to any relationship is to keep that fire of attraction stoked and burning strong. You should not have to battle just to keep a relationship alive, but like a fire, don't expect it to keep burning if you don't tend it. With that in mind, below are a few tips to keep your relationship burning strong for a long time.


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