I love you, now stop it

I really need some help and comfort. I am a straight 25-year-old woman, and I've been dating my boyfriend for four years. I have never been the romantic type, until I met him. At the beginning, we were purely sexual. We love role-playing, and we always came up with erotic fantasies of me being fucked and used by multiple men, or some fantasy where others were involved. It was hot to me until I fell in love with him. Now the only thing that turns me on is him.

Even though he says he loves me, I cannot say he gets turned on by thinking of only me. We still continue these fantasies, but lately I'm seeing that every single time we are intimate, he always talks about things he wants other men (and women) to do to me or what he wants to do with others while I'm around. He never talks about a hot fantasy that involves only him and me. I drew the line when he started bringing my best friend into our role-playing. When I told him I would prefer if he not bring her into it, he ignored me and talked about her anyway. The last time I brought it up, he said he won't tell me his fantasies anymore and that he'll just tell me what I want to hear. He also said that by asking him to stop thinking of others, I am demeaning him and his sexuality.

I have done everything I can to please him. I have done things sexually that I swore I would never do because I trusted him. I guess my question is, am I demeaning him when I ask him to not bring up others in our role-playing every time we're intimate? It wouldn't bother me if it were once in a while. I wind up feeling unattractive and never good enough. What can I do to make him want only me?

Not Good Enough


He's never gonna want just you and only you, NGE. All that crazy, groupy, kinky shit that turned him on when you first got together — the shit that turned you on before you fell in love with him — still turns him on and will always turn him on.

Now, I know you're not doing it on purpose, NGE, and this is just how you feel, and feelings are sacrosanct lil' mysteries and there's nothing you can do about them, but I've never understood people who are up for anything with someone they're into — dirty talk, crazy sex, groups (real or imagined) — up until the moment they fall in love with that person.

Um ... shouldn't falling in love, and the deepening feelings of trust and security that go along with that, open a couple up to new possibilities, new horizons, new sexual adventures?

And if falling in love with someone means the end of sexual adventure and fantasy and role-play — if falling in love means previously acceptable fantasies wind up on your partner's no-fly list — isn't that a huge disincentive to fall in love?

That said, NGE, your boyfriend should, at the very least, mix it the fuck up. Even if you were into groups — or still into groups, or still into thoughts of groups — hearing about groups each and every time you fuck would get pretty fucking tedious after four fucking years. And pressing ahead with annoying fantasies about specific people — your best friend, your mom, your boss — after you've asked him to stop is an asshole move. If he needs dirty talk to get off, he should find new dirty scenarios to explore, including some that involve you and only you, save the group fantasies for "once in a while," and leave your best friend out of it.

As for feeling unattractive, you should make him aware of your insecurities — if you haven't already — and he should be considerate enough to come through with regular reassurances about your attractiveness, his feelings for you, how hot he thinks your body is, etc., etc.

Finally, NGE, I want to emphasize again that there's nothing you can do to make him want you and only you. He is who he is, he's turned on by what turns him on, and you knew that when you fell in love with him. You have neither the right nor the power to reach into his erotic imagination and yank out the bits that conflict with your ideas of what sex is or should be when two people are in love.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that your attitude is demeaning, though. It's more delusional, perhaps, with a sprinkling of irrational jimmies. But not demeaning.

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