In defense of cheating, Tiger Woods style

Cheating has long been a bad word in our culture, yet no one really addresses why we continue to cheat.  Dr. Phil features show after show about cheaters, the unfaithful, and reasons behind cheating without ever getting to what I believe is the heart of the issue.  Why don't we all cheat?  Simply stated "we don't cheat because we have succumb to the peer pressure that surrounds us" (an avid Rebecca reader).

My parents raised me to believe that once you are married you will never be with another person.  That's a really long time.  I would imagine that everyone, including Tiger Woods, has heard the same tale. It's one that I've preached to my own children, but something I don't practice as a swinger.

Although Tiger Woods was raised in a slightly different manner than most of us, he too  is just a human, susceptible to the same desires.  Woods isn't the first and he certainly won't be the last to be unfaithful. You may think that the impossible amount of women in Tiger's life is ludicrous, but let's consider his position.  He's famous, good looking, and rich.  This isn't an excuse, but put yourself in his situation. I'm surprised hundreds of women aren't coming forth to sell their story.

Cheating is defined as violating rules and regulations.  By that definition I can loosely say that swingers are cheating, as we break the societal rules by engaging in sexual activities with others while in a committed relationship.  Although we play by our own set of rules and agreements together, society as a whole deems this a deviant practice.

Is Tiger Woods a cheater by his own martial rules?  Who are we to speculate?  He could have an arrangement with his wife.  Rumors have swirled regarding his marriage being a publicity stunt to improve his standing in the golfing community or just to better his image.  The privacy of his life makes all of us speculate about what may be occurring behind those closed doors.  His style has been to be a quiet, private person and maybe we need to allow him that, and forget all this cheating nonsense.

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sure by now you've  read or heard repeatedly about the current insanity that is Tiger Woods' life.  Questions continuously surround his lack of fidelity and honesty. The thought of this man cheating on his wife seems dastardly at best, but he's not alone in his cheating ways.  After being asked many times for my thoughts on the Woods scandal, and my take on cheating in general, I thought it was time to add my two cents.

We're all too familiar with the plight of many famous cheaters.  The theme is not only common among sports stars and Hollywood actors, all of us onlookers hiding snuggling in obscurity.  So why do we act so surprised about something that is quite common?  Why do people stray in the first place, or better yet, why don't people stray more?


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