In Pictures: No Age and Les Savy Fav

If you are the guy in the cheap sunglasses, you are the worst person to stand next to in the history of concerts. Next time, keep your elbows to yourself, don’t drink so much that you pass out on the stage and please, for the love of someone’s god, take a shower every once and while!

Les Savy Fav

On Saturday night at Czar, No Age (pictured left) and Les Savy Fav took the stage to help the Skatepark Of Tampa celebrate 16 years of ollies, kick flips, face plants and punk rock. The free PBR was flowing, the kids were ready to explode and the bands were melting faces. How could you not have a good time?

Well, you could get stuck next to the asshole who forced his way up front and elbowed you in the ribs for the first 30 minutes of No Age's set before he passed out on the stage. No Age's vocal mics could completely crap out halfway through their set, resulting in the misuse and abuse of many microphones. You could be one of the folks who were accosted by Les Savy Fav's very sweaty and very beardy Tim Harrington. You also could have thought that stage diving was still a good idea only to find out that no one wants to catch you if you're not in the band (I wish I got a picture of that). All in all I would say that a good time was, in fact, had by all.

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