Instituting better policies and incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon emissions

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This can be a very confusing scenario for business owners that have taken the steps to reduce their carbon emissions, and the government must come to terms with the fact that they are not providing consistent initiatives for people to switch to more energy-efficient alternatives. Other policies that have seen the type of confusion associated with the policies surrounding renewable energy have led to unsuccessful outcomes, so if businesses are expected to abide by limits to greenhouse gas emissions, there must be a clear message as to what type of incentives they have to do so.

A business that is given clear, precise guidelines in regards to renewable energy will deliver more successful results than those countries who neglect giving incentives to convert from other forms of energy.

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Many businesses are looking for a way to become more energy efficient, but the issue with implementing such measures may be that the incentives are just not good enough yet. If a clear message and plan were given to businesses that would encourage them to become more environmentally conscious in their business practices, then it would most likely be resoundingly successful. Right now many business owners are looking for new opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and make more sustainable growth, but there is not a clear-cut method for them to achieve this. 

If the government made consistent policies regarding renewable energy in the US, then it would be much easier for businesses to choose different energy policies.

For example, in the UK, the government is quite contradictory in their policy. The carbon reduction commitment was instituted so that companies that integrate renewable energy into their business must pay for emissions that they do not make because they do not differentiate between carbon-based emissions and their alternative. However, the European Union greenhouse gas guidelines indicate that companies that switch to renewable energy can claim zero emissions.

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