Is Florida's love of blowhards showing in the polls?

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gage skidmore/wikimedia commons
Is Florida's love of blowhards showing in the polls?

We're just shy of a year out from many of Florida's primary elections and a whole six months away from the presidential primary.

That means polling firms are very busy asking Florida's voters what they think of the people most voters probably plan on researching sometime around the morning of the election.

Many people aren't paying close attention right now, so the overwhelming response to most of these polls may actually be, "I like the loud guy."

A recent Public Policy Polling survey of Florida Democrats shows Floridians favor Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) over Congressman Patrick Murphy in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat Marco Rubio is vacating to run for president.

Grayson leads Murphy by about six points. Grayson has better name recognition and is outspoken on a wealth of progressive issues. But many consider him brash; he doesn't give a shit what you think about his personal life or his financial behavior, the latter of which might not appear in line with what he preaches (hell yeah, he's rich, but so's the other guy).

Murphy, meanwhile, is very polite and, like all Democrats the state party's establishment favors, says he wants to work with Republicans (a most winning approach, we must say). A former Republican himself, Murphy voted for the Keystone XL Pipeline, and has distanced himself from the Affordable Care Act.

But PPP does point out that most Florida Dems haven't even heard of Murphy — and that barely half of them know anything about Grayson.

The poll also suggest that if Rubio were to drop out of the GOP presidential running and have another go at his seat, he'd beat either at this stage.

Meanwhile, an active poll on the Democratic-leaning blog The Florida Squeeze so far has Grayson beating Murphy by more than double.

A PPP survey published the previous day on Florida's views on presidential candidates suggests we'd even forsake our own experienced Florida pols for the loudest guy in the room (at the moment), Donald Trump. Additionally, more respondents said former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Rubio should drop out of the race (47 and 48 percent, respectively) than said they shouldn't.

It's the guy who's famous for yelling at people and being rich that leads among the state's GOP voters; head to head, Trump beats Bush 55-38. (Rubio actually fares better mano a mano, theoretically beating Trump 49-46.)

But each candidate's performance at Wednesday's debate may have changed things around a bit, especially now that former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina got to flex her own alpha muscles throughout.

Fiorina's outspokenness on issues that appeal to the base — Militarize all the things! Make Hillary Clinton watch fake/nonexistent videos of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts! — combined with her ability to get into specifics, compelled many people to name her the winner of the debate.

Perhaps it was even her takedown of Trump's idiotic comments about her appearance that did it.

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