It wasn't a total sh*tshow: here are a few not-so-bad things that happened this week

click to enlarge It wasn't a total sh*tshow: here are a few not-so-bad things that happened this week -
It wasn't a total sh*tshow: here are a few not-so-bad things that happened this week

You're probably feeling a little pessimistic going into the weekend, and that's understandable. Our collective mellow has been profoundly harshed. We seem to have gone back at least 50 years as a society, our state is run by total toolbags and so much of the shit we thought we had figured out, well, it turns out, we don't have it frigging figured out. 

But it's not all bad. In fact, some pretty cool things happened this week that may remind you that things always have the potential to get better, cooler, smarter, you name it. Here are a few.

1) Same-sex marriage. This week, a federal circuit court judge in Atlanta denied the extension of a delay on same-sex marriages in Florida. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, a noted marriage equality opponent, had appealed a Tallahasse judge's decision deeming the 2008 amendment banning such unions unconstitutional (seriously, who the hell voted for that?! It's alarming). The latest decision could make same-sex marriage legal as soon as January 6, which means there may be some great parties in the near future.

2) Drug-testing welfare recipients. One of those mind-blowingly asinine laws that makes Florida a national laughingstock may go away, thanks to another federal appeals court decision handed down in Atlanta Wednesday. A three-judge panel said the state of Florida failed to demonstrate a level of need that would justify forcing individuals seeking government aid to take a drug test (beyond firing up a certain Lizard Governor's base, of course).

3) Nancy Argenziano is back! All of this talk about Duke Energy has a lot of people in a tizzy. Or, at least, it did leading up to the midterms. Well, former Public Service Commission (the panel that "regulates" utilities) chair Nancy Argenziano, who has never been afraid to speak her mind, reminded us via a report by Channel 10's astute (to say the least) Mike Deeson just how corrupt the appointed agency is.

4) Campaign promise delivered (sort of, but we'll take it). On the heels of that refreshing woman's words, incoming State Rep. Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor) is delivering on a campaign promise. He and Lutz-area Republican State Senator John Legg jointly filed a bill reforming the PSC, which would among other things impose term limits. Good on ya, guys ...but will it make it out of committee? Time will tell.

4) Freedom of Religion. I know, I know. A lot of people aren't fans of the Satanic Temple for whatever reason, but they have just as much of a right to have a holiday display at the Capitol rotunda in Tallahassee as every other religious or secular group. Last year the state denied the temple's display because it was deemed offensive. (Not sure why a diorama of an angel's descent into hell would offend anyone, but I find the fact that people actually enjoy the music of Katy Perry equally stupefying, so what do I know?). Also on display again this year, next to the Jesus stuff of course, will be the Festivus pole (consisting of stacked PBR cans, naturally) and an homage to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, whose Noodly Appendages were last year represented by a pile of shredded paper on an office chair.

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