It's done: House votes 219-212 in favor of health care legislation

Health insurers… could not deny coverage to children with medical problems or suddenly drop coverage for people who become ill. Insurers must allow children to stay on their parents’ policies up to their 26th birthday. Small businesses could obtain tax credits to help them buy insurance.

Well, no wonder the Republicans are upset. Sick children? People who suddenly get ill? Small businesses? Who wants to help them? As one of the American People the par-tea speaks for with such confidence, I know I don't give a damn about kids and sudden illness and small business because I'm.. I'm.. well, I'm mad, dammit, and I don't- like- well- that Obama's a Socialist and - where was I?

Although it's almost laughable to think that anyone in the par-tea would listen objectively to Nancy Pelosi, I think she made the most cogent point about the benefits of this legislation that I've heard yet. She called it "liberating… It’s to free Americans to live their passion, reach their aspirations without being job-locked because they have to have health care.” Who doesn't know someone who has made life decisions based on whether they'd have health care, on whether they could take care of their children if they got sick, on whether they'd be able to pay the bills in case of medical catastrophe?

Oh, yeah, I guess the American People don't.

Whoever the hell they are.

It's a done deal.

After all the soul-deadening debate, the name-calling and the lies and the questionable deals, we're there. With the House vote tonight — 219-212 in favor of the Obama legislation — we're as close to universal health care as the United States has ever been.

But you know, in reading the reports about what the bill would do, I began to understand why the Republicans were so dern fired up about it. Check this, from the New York Times:

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