Janet Cruz speaks out on Florida's gun rules

The absurdity of the power of the NRA in Florida ? or simply the state Legislature's (Democrat and Republican?s) fealty to Second Amendment supporters in Florida is manifested by the fact that local governments in Florida cannot make any type of regulations on guns whatsoever ? any change must come from up top in Tallahassee.

That?s why Mayor Bob Buckhorn plans to ban sling shots and water pistols inside his so-called "clean zone" around the Republican National Convention this summer, but he can?t stop anybody with a concealed gun permit from taking a loaded gun into areas where people are protesting.

Representative Cruz said he experience working in the Legislature the past couple of years has shown her that different communities should be able to enact their own laws when it comes to guns, referring to one of her GOP colleagues in the House, Marianna Representative Marti Coley, who represents Marianna in North Florida, a much more rural area than Tampa.

?She was talking about it being hunting season," Cruz told CL Wednesday afternoon. "And she said that the boys in high school get up early and they would go hunting. And they put their rifles on their gun racks and go to class and there for that moment I realized the giant divide of living in a rural community vs. living here in Tampa. If a student went to Plant High School and put a gun in a gun rack, they would have a SWAT team surrounding the car and expelling the student from school. "

Regarding her friend Mayor Bob Buckhorn's "clean zone" rules for protesters, Cruz said she understands the intent of the ordinance, but says that everybody's liberties and rights need to be taken into account this summer. Both those attending the RNC, and those protesting against it.

?I think they have the right to be there," she says of those who plan to demonstrating against the Republican event.

  • Janet Cruz

Janet Cruz says Florida’s gun laws need to change to allow local governments more autonomy on regulating their use.

Just hours before neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was expected to be charged in the death of Trayvon Martin, Tampa House Democrat Janet Cruz sounded off on Florida’s peculiar gun laws, which continues to receive national scrutiny.

Cruz said she wanted to be included in the task force called by Governor Scott that will study the Stand Your Ground law once a decision is made in the Zimmerman case.

Whether Zimmerman will use Stand Your Ground as his legal defense remains to be seen, but Cruz is not a fan. She calls it the “shoot first law.”

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